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The Stilley Family

John Stilley (1752-1808) and Elizabeth White

Many thanks to John Stilley and his sister, Bobbye Douglas, for most of the following information. I had posted queries everywhere, looking for information on Elizabeth Stilley, wife of Angus McIntyre, and had just about given up, but John contacted me and I am very grateful.
Moral: Be persistent and thorough.
Eventually someone will have the information you are seeking.
Page created on 22 Sep 1999; updated on 23 Aug 2001; links checked on 12 Nov 2006. Our direct line is in bold; + indicates another generation on this page. Please e-mail if you have corrections, additions or are kin to this family.

+1. John Stilley (19 Jan 1752, ?NC-30 Sep 1808, Claiborne Co, MS) m. 1783, MS, Elizabeth WHITE (1 Mar 1750, VA-31 Aug 1817, Baton Rouge, LA), daughter of James Taylor WHITE and Elizabeth POWE and widow of John HOLLAWAY who was killed by "Indians" in 1781.
The first mention (May 1783) of "Natchez" John Stilley is in the court dockets of Natchez when Martha GIBSON filed a lawsuit against John Stilley for $3.00, the amount owed her for caring for John when he was ill "a few years back." John owned both a tavern and store in Natchez. He was in partnership with John VAUCHERE in 1787. Vacherie would ship goods down the Mississippi River and Stilley would sell them and the profits were shared between the two men. At one point, Vacherie felt that he was being short-changed, so he took Stilley to court. The Commandant of the Port and District of Natchez, Charles De Grand Pre, ruled in favor of Vauchere and all of Stilley's land, his store and all possessions were confiscated. Vauchere and Grand Pre later became business partners, while Stilley was exiled from Natchez and lived in Mobile, AL from 1788 to 1795, when a new governor was appointed, Manuel Gayoso de Lemos. Stilley appealed the earlier decision and was granted both cash and land in Natchez, where he lived for the remainder of his life. An 1806 land platt for Natchez lists John's land as "John Still LEE." After John's death, Elizabeth White Holloway Stilley moved to LA, with her son Michael.
Who were the children from Elizabeth's first marriage to John Holloway? On 24 Oct 1781, Elizabeth is appointed guardian of the following children: George, 14; William, 13; John, 12; Robert, 7; Mary, 4; James, 2; and an unborn child. She also states she has another daughter, Elisabeth married to Cader RABY. What happened to the HOLLOWAY children?

SECOND GENERATION: Children of John and Elizabeth STILLEY
+2. Reuben Paul Stilley (9 May 1784, Natchez, Adams Co, MS, bapt. 1788, Mobile, AL-1820, Claiborne Co, MS) m. Mary Polly Clark (c1790, Claiborne Co, MS-c1820, Claiborne Co, MS), daughter of Gibson CLARK (1760-1822) and Susannah PHILLIPS
2. Sarah "Sally Marie" Stilley (Reuben's twin) m. George B. WATSON
Both Reuben Stilley and George B. Watson were administrators of John Stilley's estate. On 22 May 1809, a notice appeared in the MS Messenger, stating that the proceeds from the estate would not cover the debts of John Stilley. George and Sarah lived in Claiborne Co, MS, for a time before moving to Desha Co, AR.
+2. Michael Lamport Stilley (22 Nov 1786-19 Jun 1823, LA) m. c1808, Delilah STARNS (3 Jul 1789-19 Jun 1823), daughter of Jacob STARNS and Elizabeth SOUTH
History of Livingston Parish, LA, says that Michael Stilley and Jacob Starns arrived in the Parish in 1805. These two are the ancestors of most of the Stilley family members in that parish.

Children of Reuben and Mary Clark STILLEY:
3. Elizabeth "Betsy" Stilley (c1803, Claiborne Co,MS-aft. Jul 1860, ?Carroll Parish, LA) m. 5 Feb 1824, Claiborne Co, MS Angus McINTYRE (1788, Morvin, Argyleshire, Scotland-betw. 1850-1860, ?Carroll Parish, LA)
"I consent to the marriage of Angus McIntyre to Elizabeth Stilley, my ward."
Dated 2 Feb 1824 Signed Elijah L. Clark
Elijah was brother to Mary (Clark) Stilley and Elizabeth's uncle. Other children of Gibson Clark and Susannah Phillips include Nancy CLARK (m. John A. HEDRICK), John Clark, Gibson Clark, Jr. and William Clark

+3. Susan Piety Stilley (b. c1810, Claiborne Co, MS) m. 29 Dec 1831, Jefferson Co, MS, Ephraim DAVENPORT (13 Mar 1808, Newberry, SC-1 Jan 1862, Claiborne Co, MS)
3. Sarah Polly Stilley (b. Claiborne Co, MS) m. 19 Jul 1818, Claiborne Co, MS, Lewis CLARK, Jr.

Children of Michael and Delilah Starns STILLEY:
+3. John Woolridge Stilley (7 Oct 1809, St. Helena Parish, LA-18 Jul 1872, Amite, Tangipahoa Parish, LA) m. 12 Nov 1831, St. Helena Parish, LA, Ann REAMS, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth REAMS
3. Elizabeth Stilley (b. 30 Mar 1812)
3. Samuel Laeffette Stilley (b. 5 Apr 1814)
3. Fredrick Stilley (b. 18 Jul 1816)
3. Ruben L. Stilley (b. 12 Jun 1818)
3. Washington L. Stilley (Ruben's twin)
3. Michael Lamport Stilley, Jr. (b. 13 Sep 1821)

Child of Susan Piety Stilley and Ephraim DAVENPORT
4. Sarah Stilley Davenport (27 Aug 1834, Port Gibson, Claiborne Co, MS-2 Oct 1880, Port Gibson, Claiborne Co, MS) m. 10 Jan 1860, Port Gibson, Claiborne Co, MS, Robert Fleming GORDON (17 Feb 1832, Kirkcaldy, Scotland-25 Oct 1894, Washington Co, MS); 2 children: George Davenport Gordon and Sarah Stilley Davenport.

Children of John W. and Ann Reams STILLEY
+4. Francis Dupree Stilley (30 Sep 1834, LA-16 Jan 1902)
m1. 6 Sep 1842, East Feliciana Parish, LA, Narcissa Gibbs WALKER
m2. 12 Oct 1854, St. Helena Parish, LA, Mary EIVERS (b. Aug 1834, LA) daughter of Patrick EIVERS and Malinda DURBIN
4. Washington Frank Stilley (b. 7 Feb 1835, LA) m. Sarah ____
4. Sarah Ann Stilley (b. 1 Apr 1837) m. William JONES (d. 2 Jan 1871)

FIFTH GENERATION: Children of Francis and Mary Eivers STILLEY
5. George W. Stilley
5. John Warren Stilley (21 Sep 1856, Starns, Livingston Parish, LA-27 Jan 1913) m. 16 Dec 1891, Alice PENDARVIS
5. Edward Franklin Stilley (11 Nov 1859, Starns, Livingston Parish, LA-5 Mar 1925, Independence, Tangipahoa Parish, LA) m. c1888, Janie Cinderalla PENDARVIS (12 Aug 1871, Walker, Livingston Parish, LA-10 Sep 1917, Independence, Tangipahoa Parish, LA)
5. Robert Preston Stilley (11 Nov 1862, Starns, Livingston Parish, LA-26 Dec 1943) m. Maggie GLASSCOCK
5. Jennie Stilley (29 Nov 1865, Starns, Livingston Parish, LA-29 Dec 1940) m. 19 Nov 1893, Randolph FLETCHER
5. Shelton Drupree Stilley (26 Nov 1871, Starns, Livingston Parish, LA-9 Mar 1943) m. Janie NESOM

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