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Ancestors of the Owen Wives

These are the ancestors and families of some of the wives of the
Owen men in my husband's direct line. Page created 16 March
2001; links checked 11/12/06.
Like all genealogy pages, this is a work in progress. Please use
information as a guide to further research. Our direct line is
in bold; + means there is another generation on this page.
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Most wanted families:
SWINNEY: Lewis Anthony Swinney and his wife,
Elizabeth PORTLOCK
HATCHER: William Cockrell's mother and grandmother were Hatchers


1-John ECHOLS (1650, England-1712, Lunenburg, VA) m. 1688,
Carolina Co, VA, Mary CAVE (b. 1670), daughter of John Cave

(wife was NOT Elizabeth TRAVERS).

2-John Echols (c1698-1750, NC)
2-William Echols (1699-1771)
2-Abraham Echols (1700-Oct 1749) m. Sarah Tamer ABRAHAM
(d. Oct 1749, Pittsylvania, VA)
2-Joseph Echols (b. c1704)
2-Richard Echols (1706-aft. 1778) m. Catherine EVANS,
daughter of Walter Evans and Betsy HOLCOMB

2-Eleanor Echols m. Nicholas GILLINGTINE (1676-1773,
Amelia Co, VA)
2-Elizabeth Echols m. William MURPHY
2-Anne Echols m. George MARSHBANKS
Marshbanks was transported from England to VA as a Jacobite
prisoner who took part in the rebellion in Scotland in 1716.

Children of Richard and Catherine Evans ECHOLS
3-Moses Echols (b. bef. 1736) m. Elizabeth WYNNE
3-John Echols (b. bef. 1736) m. Lucy Annah MOORE
3-Drucilla Echols (b. 1736, VA) m. William OWEN
(c1715, VA-c1782, Wilkes Co, GA),
son of Richard OWEN and Betty ROWLAND

3-Benjamin Echols (b c1737) m. Sabra HENDRICK
3-Obadiah Echols (b. c1738) m. 13 Jan 1770, Catherine
3-James Echols (1739-1823) m. Elizabeth MILNER
3-Mary Echols (b. c1750) m. Thomas WYNNE
3-Joseph Echols (1756-2 Apr 1814, Wilkes Co, GA) m. Mary STAMPS
3-Sally Echols (b. c1757) m. John MILNER
3-Anna Echols (b. c1758) m. James DANIEL
3-Elizabeth Echols (b. c1759) m. William RANEY


1. Daniel EVERETT m. Anne ELMORE (b. 29 Aug 1674),
daughter of Peter and Frances ELMORE

2. William Everett (15 Mar 1692, Richmond Co, VA-c1759)
m. c1715, Margaret ___ (c1698, VA-c1759)

Children of William and Margaret EVERETT
3. Anne Everett (b. 2 Aug 1716) m. c1745, John HAMMOND
3. Elizabeth Everett (b. 14 Nov 1720) m. ___ WILLIAMS
3. Lucrecy Everett (b. 2 Jun 1725)
3. Sarah Everett (b. 13 Apr 1729) m. Elisha DODSON
+3. Daniel Everett (8 Mar 1731/2-c1803, Halifax Co, VA)
m. c1755, Frances ___

3. George Everett (b. 7 Nov 1734)
3. William Everett (b. 24 Jan 1736)
3. Ruth Everett (b. 21 Jun 1742) m. John ROUTT, Jr.

Children of Daniel and Frances EVERETT
4. Million Everett (b. 3 May 1756) m. Joseph SLATON
+4. Sydnor Everett (b 1775, NC-c1855, Trigg Co, KY)
m. 13 Jun 1801, Oglethorpe Co, GA, Tabitha OWEN (c1776, NC-
c1845), daughter of Uriah OWEN and Sarah EVERETT
4. John Everett (b. c1758)
4. Travis Everett (b. c1759)
4. Eppa Catherine Everett (b. c1760) m. 8 Apr 1795, Pittsylvania
Co, VA
4. Catherine Everett m. 20 Dec 1798, Pittsylvania Co, VA,
4. Sarah Everet (3 Jan 1761, Richmond Co, VA-4 Sep 1832,
Wilkes Co, GA) m. 1780, VA, Uriah OWEN (1758,
Pittsylvania Co, VA-Sep 1820, Wilkes Co, GA), son of William
OWEN and Drucilla ECHOLS

4. William Everett (b. 24 May 1763, VA)
4. Peggy Everett (b. c1764) m. Jeptha CORNELIUS
4. Daniel Everett (b. c1765)

Children of Sydnor and Tabitha Owen EVERETT
5. Lucinda Everett (c1802, Oglethorpe Co, GA-c1855, Monroe Co,
AR) m. c1820, Stewart Co, TN, unknown STUNSON
5. Elizabeth Everett (c1805, Oglethorpe Co, GA-c1855, Monroe Co,
AR) m. c1825, Stewart Co, TN, unknown MILES
5. Susannah Everett (c1806, Oglethorpe Co, GA-bef. 1850)
m. 25 Sep 1823, Callaway Co, KY, Boze FORD
5. Lydia Eccles/Echols Everett (29 May 1808, Oglethorpe Co, GA-
8 Sep 1885, Stewart Co, TN) m. c1825, Stewart Co, TN, Irwin
5. Emily Harris Everett (c1810, Oglethorpe Co, GA-c1860, Monroe
Co, AR) m c1830, Stewart Co, TN, Nathan RUSHING
5. Eppes Everett (c1815, OH-c1859, Monroe Co, AR) m. c1832,
Stewart Co, TN, Rebecca ???
5. Sydnor Everett, Jr. (c1818, OH-c1859, Jackson Twp, Monroe
Co, AR) m. 1 Sep 1838, Trigg Co, KY, Mary Elizabeth MILES,
then m. Dec 1850, Monroe Co, AR, Nancy J. RUSHING
5. Reuben O. Everett (c1823, Calloway Co, KY-aft. 1860, Monroe
Co, AR) m. 23 May 1851, Monroe Co, AR, May TAYLOR


1. James Mozley (b. England)

2. Daughter Mozley
+2. Walter Mozley (c1729, ?VA-7 Oct 1800, Bedford Co, VA)
m. bef. 1762, Sarah GARTH
+2. Edward Mozley (b. c1735) m. c1758, Mary MCDANIELS
(c1740-aft. 1788)

Children of Walter and Sarah Garth Mozley
3. Susannah Mozley (betw. 1765-1774, Albemarle Co, VA-bef. 1840,
Bedford Co, VA) m. 6 Sep 1792, Bedford Co, VA, John MCCABE
3. Nancy Mozley m. Obadiah H. TRENT
3. William Mozley
3. James Mozley

Children of Edward and Mary McDaniels Mozley
3. James H. Mozley (c1760, VA-25 Sep 1835, Marshall Co, TN)
3. Sarah Elizabeth Mozley (c1761, VA-aft. 1832, Adams Co, OH)
3. Archibald Mozley (c1762, VA-Bedford Co, TN)
+3. Edward "Edwin" Mozley (1764, VA-c1820, Walton Co, GA)
m. 21 Jul 1785, Bedford Co, VA, Sarah GATHRIGHT (
1764, VA-aft. 1831, Walton Co, GA), daughter of
Miles H. GATHRIGHT and Elizabeth ?MOSBY

3. Catherine Mozley (c1767, VA-TN)
3. David Mozley (betw. 1770-80, VA-c1850, Rabun Co, GA)
3. John Mozley (3 Nov 1771, VA-10 Jun 1849, Johnson Co, IL)
3. Mary "Polly" Mozley (c1773)
3. Martha "Patsy" Mozley (1780, VA-17 Jan 1867, GA)

Children of Edwin and Sarah Gathright Mozley
4. Jane Mozley (1786, VA-c1825, Wilkes Co, GA) m. c1805,
Obadiah OWEN (b. 1782, VA), son of
Uriah OWEN and Sarah Everett

4. Nancy Mozley (b. betw. 1787-1807)
4. Samuel Gathright Mozley (1789, Gedford Co, VA-27 Jul 1854,
Austell, GA) m. 9 Dec 1808, Wilkes Co, GA, Elizabeth
BANKSTON (1791, GA-c18 Aug 1864, GA)
4. Sarah Mosley (1795, Wilkes Co, GA-c1856, Carroll Co, GA)M
m. 30 Dec 1821, Walton Co, GA, Peyton NOLAND
(1793, Wilkes Co, GA-26 May 1838, Carroll Co, GA)
4. John Edwin Mozley (25 Jan 1798, Wilkes Co, GA-13 Nov 1867,
Jackson Co, FL)
4. David M. Mozley (b. c1805)
4. Miles M. Mozley (b. 5 Sep 1808)

**** THE COCKRELL FAMILY Family ****

1. Thomas Cockrell (b. c1624, England)

2. Samuel Cockrell (c1671-York Co, VA) m. Elizabeth ___
(b. 1671)

3. Edward Thomas Cockrell (b. c1720, York Co, VA, m.
Elizabeth ____

4. Thomas Cockrell (c1745-1799, Johnston Co, NC) m. c1764,
Tabitha HATCHER (c1745-betw. 1790-99, Johnston Co, NC),
daughter of William HATCHER

Children of Thomas and Tabitha Hatcher Cockrell
+5. Samuel Cockrell (b. 1765, Johnston Co, NC-10 Dec 1810,
Johnston Co, NC) m. 17 Jan 1797, Johnston Co, NC, Martha
"Polly" HATCHER (b. c1771, Johnston Co, NC), daughter of
William HATCHER and Martha VICKERS

5. William Cockrell (b. c1772) m. 1 Mar 1802, Johnston Co, NC,

Child of Samuel and Polly Hatcher Cockrell
6. William Cockrell (27 Nov 1797, Johnston Co, NC-1882,
Columbia Co, AR) m. 24 Mar 1825, GA, Nancy Ann COX
(1810, NC-1864, Columbia Co, AR)

Children of William and Nancy Cox Cockrell
7. Zeltha Cockrell (b. 1833) m. Rufus Benjamin Owen
(17 Oct 1832, GA-6 May 1908, Columbia Co, AR),
son of Ransome Franklin OWEN and Elizabeth J. P. SWINNEY

7. Samuel Cockrell (1834, Heard Co, GA-1862, MS) m.
Elizabeth Susan HEARD (b. 1856)

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