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The Gathright Family

Michael (Miles) Gathright (1628-c1691)

Many thanks to Sandy Whittington for sharing her notes from Carolyn Gathright on the Garthright family (written 1995), to Carole Castleberry who compiled
The Montgomery & Owen Family History and Genealogy and to Mona Herrin for sharing her research on the Mozley family!
Please remember that genealogy is a work in progress and information here should be used as a guide to further research. If you see a mistake, can add something or provide more sources, please contact me!
Page created 21 Apr 1995; last revision 2 Aug 2003; links checked 12 Nov 2006. Bold is our direct line; + means there is another generation on this page.

Michael (Miles) Gathright/Garthwaite (1628, Henrico Co, VA-Jan 1691/2, Henrico Co, VA) m. 1647, Henrico Co, VA, Amy ___ (c1629-1695). They were Quakers.
Michael MAY be the son of Samuel GAITHRIGHT who was baptized on 27 Sep 1601, Fulbeck, Lincolnshire, England. Samuel GAITHRIGHT's parents were Miles "Milonis" GARTHWAITE (c1576, England-4 Jan 1615/16, Fulbeck, Lincolnshire, England) and Helena AUDLEY (b. c1576)

2. Judith Gathright m. 20 Apr 1708, Curles, Henrico Co, VA, Robert JONES
2. Michael Gathright
+2. Samuel Gathright (1649, Henrico Co, VA-Apr 1713, Henrico Co, VA) m. 1669, Frances PORTER (d. Sep 1760, Henrico Co, VA
+2. Ephraim Gathright (1675, Henrico Co, VA-1750) m. Henrico Co, VA, Jane Anna ___

Children of Samuel and Frances Porter Gathright
3. Judith Gathright
3. Mary Gathright
3. Sarah Gathright
3. Tabitha Gathright
3. Elizabeth Gathright (b. c1690, Henrico Co, VA)
3. Samuel Gathright (1698, Henrico Co, VA-1771) m. 1721, Agnes TRUEMAN

Children of Ephraim and Jane Anna Gathright
3. Miles Gathright (c1700, Henrico, Co, VA-1765, Henrico Co, VA)
+3. William Gathright (c1702, Henrico Co, VA-Dec 1762, Henrico Co, VA) m. bef. 1725, Henrico Co, VA, Anna MORTON (c. 1702, Henrico Co, VA-1781), daughter of Thomas MORTON (1690, Henrico Co, VA-cMar 1730, Henrico Co, VA) and Elizabeth WOODSON (b. c1699, Henrico Co, VA)
Elizabeth Woodson was the daughter of Richard WOODSON (b. 1662) and Anne SMITH (b. 1670). Her Woodson grandparents were Robert WOODSON (b. 1634, Prince George Co, VA) and Elizabeth FERRIS. Robert Woodson's parents were John WOODSON (1586, Devonshire, England-1622, Jamestowne, VA) and Sarah WINSTON. John Woodson was a surgeon who came with his wife to Jamestowne in 1619 to minister to the royal troops there. He was killed in the Jamestowne Indian massacre in 1622
3. Ephraim Gathright (c1730-26 May 1789) m. Agnes TRUMAN, daughter of Richard TRUMAN and Mary WOODSON. He was a Rev. War Patriot from VA.
3. Anselem Gathright (c1740-bef. 7 Nov 1816, Henrico Co, VA) m. Elizabeth MATHEWS (c1750-Nov 1816, Henrico Co, VA), daughter of Anthony MATHEWS and Ann BURTON)
3. Jane Gathright m. Thomas ELMORE, then Robert SPEAR (4 Oct 1709, New Kent, VA-May 1734, Henrico Co, VA), son of John SPEAR and Margaret AUSTIN.
3. Agnes "Ann" Gathright (d. c1788, Henrico, Co, VA) m1. William GATHRIGHT, Jr. (b. c1725, VA), son of William GATHRIGHT and Anna MORTON, which means that she married her nephew.
m2. 13 Sep 1783, Henrico Co, VA, Robert SPEAR (bef. 1734-c1789, Henrico Co, VA), son of Robert SPEAR and Jane GATHRIGHT, another nephew.

FOURTH GENERATION: Children of William and Anna Morton GATHRIGHT
4. William Gathright, Jr. (c1725, VA-aft. Feb 1781) m. Agnes "Ann" GATHRIGHT, see above.
4. John Gathright (c1727, VA-1776) m. Mary FARRIS
+4. Miles H. Gathright, Sr. (c1729, VA-1785, New Kent, VA) m. 1749, VA, Ann ___
4. Elizabeth Gathright
4. Jane (Jean) Anna Gathright (d. 28 Oct 1813) m. 1766, William GATHRIGHT, Sr. (1743, Henrico Co, VA-1795), son of Samuel GATHRIGHT and Agns TRUMAN
4. Samuel Gathright (c1730, Goochland Co, VA-7 Jun 1777, Cumberland Co, VA) m. 1763, Sarah Jane ___ (1745-1810). He was a Rev. War Patriot from VA.
4. Joseph Gathright (c1743-c1795, VA). He was a Capt. of the VA Militia and served during the Rev. War.
4. Benjamin Gathright (c1729-c1785) m. Sarah BOTTOMS

FIFTH GENERATION: Children of Miles H. and Ann ___ Gathright
+5. Miles H. Gathright, Jr (1750, VA-10 Nov 1815, Twiggs Co, GA)
m1. c1769, Richmond Co, VA, Elizabeth MOSBY? (d. 1794, GA)

m2. 29 Aug 1795, Richmond Co, GA, Mary COLLINS (c1776-1818, GA). He was a Lt. in the Rev. War from VA.
5. Theodorick Gathright (d. 1785/6, New Kent, VA) m. before 1778, Sarah SPEAR (c1760-bef. 1811), daughter of Robert SPEAR and ___ WILLIAMSON.
5. William Gathright m. Elizabeth DUMAS
5. Obediah Gathright (b. 1766) m. 14 Nov 1796, Jane GATHRIGHT
5. Jane Gathright m. ___ MARTIN
5. Mollie Gathright m. ___ CRUTCHFIELD
5. Elizabeth Gathright m. ___ WOODSON

Children of of Miles and Elizabeth Mosby? Gathright
+6. Sarah Gathright (1764, VA-aft. 1831, Wilkes Co, GA) m. 21 Jul 1785, Bedford Co, VA, Edward/Edwin MOZLEY (1764, VA-c1820, Walton Co, GA), son of Edward MOZLEY and Mary MCDANIELS
6. Dr. William Mosby Gathright (2 Nov 1775, VA-11 Mar 1858, Jackson Co, GA) m. Emilie "Milly" WILSON (b. 1778, Jackson Co, GA)
6. Mary Ann Gathright (1780, VA-1856, Jackson Co, GA) m. c1800, GA, Alexander MORRISON (c1760, Prince George Co, VA-10 Dec 1839, Jackson Co, GA
6. Joel Gathright (b. Wilkes Co, GA)
6. Ambrose (Ausborn) Morrison Gathright (d. 1832, Clark Co, GA) m. 12 Sep 1826, Oglethorpe Co, GA, Nancy A. L. DUPREE
Children of Miles and Mary Collins Gathright
6. James Collins Gathright (1796, Marion Co, GA-11 Aug 1858, Union Co, AR) m. 1832, GA, Mary Elizabeth PARNELL (1799, Richmond Co, GA-10 Jul 1858, Union Co, AR)
6. Milton H. Gathright (b. c1798, Marion Co, GA)
6. Elizabeth Gathright (b. c1800, Jackson Co, GA) m. 14 Feb 1820, Jackson Co, GA, Milton MATHEWS
6. Louisiana Gathright (b. c1803, Jackson Co, GA) m. 25 Oct 1825, Jackson Co, GA, Henry CRAWFORD
6. Mariah/Marion Gathright (b. c1805, Jackson Co, GA) m. 6 Oct 1830, Clark Co, GA, William B. NUTT
6. Eunice Gathright (b. c1809, Jackson Co, GA) m. 10 Apr 1834, Jackson Co, GA, David G. GIBSON
6. Dr. Obadiah Fox Gathright (17 Mar 1811, Twiggs Co, GA-9 Nov 1877, Lafayette, MS) m. 14 Apr 1859, Lafayette Co, MS, Elizabeth Thankful ANDERSON (23 Feb 1836, Marshall Co, MS-29 Nov 1916, Lafayette Co, MS), daughter of John N. ANDERSON and Catherine DOWDY
6. Miles Franklin Gathright (b. c1811, Jackson Co, GA)
6. Catherine Gathright (b. c1813, Jackson Co, GA)
6. William Croam Gathright (b. c1814, Jackson Co, GA) m. 26 Oct 1837, Clark Co, AR, Eliza Ann PARKER

SEVENTH GENERATION: Children of Sarah Gathright and Edwin MOZLEY
7. Jane Mosley (1786, VA-c1825, Wilkes Co, GA) m. 1805, GA, Obadiah OWEN (b. 1782, VA), son of Uriah OWEN and Sarah EVERETT
7. Samuel Glen/Gathright Mozley (1789, Bedford Co, VA-27 Jul 1865, Austell, GA) m. 9 Dec 1808, Wilkes Co, GA, Elizabeth BANKSTON (1791, GA-c18 Aug 1864, GA
7. Sarah "Sallie" Mosely (1795, Willkes Co, GA-c1856, Carroll Co, GA) m. 30 Dec 1821, Walton Co, GA, Peyton NOLAND (1793, Wilkes Co, GA-26 May 1838, Carroll Co, GA)
7. John Edwin Mozley (22 Jan 1798, Wilkes Co, GA-13 Nov 1867, Jackson Co, FL)
7. David M. Mozley (b. c1805) m. Nancy FLOYD
7. Nancy Mozley m. Sampson CLAYTON
7. Miles M. Mozley (b. 5 Sep 1808)
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