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TGO has been a well respected clan, and we do what we can to keep it that way. Unlike most other clans, the TGO clan has a purpose. We try to have as much fun as possible, with video games, while trying to be competitive at the same time. Competition is good, but bad mouthing and poor sportsmanship is bad. The TGO clan is highly aware of all of this, thats why our members are so much alike. We will have a clean and honest clan match, if you keep it on the same playing level as it should be, we will be awesome to play with. Although, if you take it to another level and open your mouth in a way that you shouldn't, we can be horrible enemies. The amount of pain we can cause clans who shit talk, can resault to many different outcomes. We will have our fun!! One way or another we will make sure that we get our fun.


White Darkness
Cat in the Hat

Bleeding Shadow
Little G
Spaz Attack
Twisted Gecko

Billy Lee


Official Allias:
DoW: [Dogs of War]

Friend Clans:
KoK: [No idea]
xXCPDXx: [Cherry Poppin Daddies]




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