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Here, at last and anticipated by little, my pics section. These are the only pics I have managed to get on my computer and online. I'll frequently update this page once I grab more pics. I wont be scanning those nude pics I did...Just Kidding! I would never take those kinda of pics of me. Of other people??...hmmm...hehe. Just click on the thumbnail of the following pics to view the full size version. You know how it works, you're not that dumb are you? Hehe. You may recognise some of the pics as they appear in the friends section.

If you wanna check out my "baby" pics, well, pics of me when I was younger, click here.

nit, kev, ty(Nane's 23rd).jpg (122941 bytes)

This is at one of my cousins 23rd Birthday. Taken at Dragonboat Restaurant, Lonsdale St.

Year: 2001

ty, will, kev, john, nit, justin(Nit's 18th).jpg (44712 bytes)

This is from Nit's 18th Birthday taken at Sante Restaurant, Crown Casino Complex.

Year: 2001

nit, kev(Nit's 18th).jpg (45246 bytes)

Also from Nit's 18th. Taken outside one of the entrances to the casino area.

Year: 2001

justin, kev, copps(New Years Eve 2001).jpg (123066 bytes)

This is from the 2nd Annual Coppens New Year's Party 2001 New Years Eve @ Coppens' House.

Year: 2001 (Duh!)

muhahahaha.jpg (48678 bytes)

This is from Ty's 21st taken at Atomic Bar in Williamstown. A Britney Spears look alike works there.

Year: 2002

theguys.jpg (81328 bytes)

One of the pics from the Birthday bbq. Just a pic of all the guys that made it to the BBQ.

Year: 2002

Kev 2.jpg (76579 bytes)

This is was from playing around with my webcam. Just prior to getting a hair cut. Hair was kinda messed up.

Year: 2002