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Baby Pics

Here are all the younger pics of me I scanned. There's not much here, but I only chose the ones I thought were worth scanning. The others are pretty much the same so I didn't put them up to reduce redundancy.

And yes, I know that I looked like a girl when in the few pics! In this other pic, taken the same day as the 3rd and 4th pics (Me in my overalls), I was wearing a girls coat. Chose not to put that on because I looked even more girly!

If you want to see my more recent pics, just click back on your browser or click here if you're a lazy ass.

baby1.jpg (23720 bytes)

Can't remember this. I was young. But I know it was in our old flat.

baby2.jpg (25998 bytes)

Likewise with this pic.

baby5.jpg (39602 bytes)

I know this was in Kensington. Outside our old flat.

baby6.jpg (46448 bytes)

Same with this one

toddler1.jpg (37088 bytes)

Parents and I a long time ago.

baby3.jpg (59693 bytes)

I can't even remember where this was.

baby4.jpg (39097 bytes)

Me blowing candles on my birthday cake!

baby7.jpg (33208 bytes)

Me sitting on my dad's old Sigma. The car Alan Vuong drives now. Hehe.

immature3.jpg (31065 bytes)

Mum, me, grandma on the escalator at Ocean Park Hong Kong.

immature4.jpg (33347 bytes)

Same as before, but with Dad this time. :P

immature1.jpg (26925 bytes)

Parents, Grandma and I in a hotel in Hong Kong when I was about 6 or something.

immature2.jpg (26318 bytes)

Me at the Hong Kong airport doing something. 

immature5.jpg (34990 bytes)

Me in China with my two relatives. I think. This was the same period as the Hong Kong one. Went to Hong Kong and China for a holiday.

immature6.jpg (41505 bytes)

Me and a bunch of people in China.

immature9.jpg (29287 bytes)

Me in the city of Melbourne. Opposite Flinders St station, where Federation Square now is.

immature7.jpg (50731 bytes)

My sisters 1st birthday. Which meant I was about 8. Nit, Ty and Irene are also in the pic. Should recognise them.

boy1.jpg (44217 bytes)

Think this was my 9th Birthday. Kinda just counted the candles on the pics. Hehe.

boy2.jpg (40375 bytes)

Me blowing out another set of candles on my birthday cake.

immature10.jpg (26257 bytes)

Me saying hello to the camera in Thailand. We were on a small boat, which I later got to control.

immature11.jpg (59400 bytes)

Me and family on dad's side in Laos visiting my grandparents grave.