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In Memory of Kaiden J. went into the arms of Jesus at 6wks. gestation. Would have been born June 02,2001. Kaiden, may god hold your hand now until I can one day hold it for you. You will never be forgotten. All of our love, mom, dad, big brother, and sis.

ribbonIn Loving Memory of "K.J."
Kristever Jrleel Blair


In Memory of Babies Anderson June 1993 16 wks gestation and January 1995 4 wks gestation

ribbon...I lost my dear Karlee Alvia Carr at 5 weeks old. She was born October 9, 2000 and went to heaven on November 14, 2000. I dearly miss my little angel and wish she was still here with me.

ribbonBaby Berry 1970

ribbonBaby Berry 1972

ribbonBaby Berry 1997

ribbonBaby Brazelton June 6, 1998

ribbonJacob Gabriel Allen
B/D 12/31/1999

ribbon Kayleigh Anne Allen
12/31/99 - 4/23/2000
Twins, sorely missed by their family.

ribbon...Baby Girls Sellers
For all my little girls:
although I never got to hold you here,
I will when we meet in heaven.

ribbon Ben Justin Small-Callander
b/d June 7th 1999

ribbon...This is to honor our granddaughter, Victoria Lynn Gassner, who died at 3 years, 4 mos. of age from meningicoccal meningitis on Nov. 21, 1998. She was sharing, kind, funny, beautiful... Victoria was our whole world, a joy to us to the very end. No one has touched our lives like she has. She loved life and lived it to its very fullest! We miss her more than words can ever say. In Our Hearts She will Forever Live on! Gramma and Papa Gassner


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