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KJ's Page
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This is KJ's Story

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Dear "K.J."

I miss you so very much. I have loved you from the day I found out you were inside me. I felt like a failure because I thought my body failed.

I now know it was the system who failed us both. I would give any and everything to have you, but I know that God needed you even more than I do.

I keep your memories in my heart and your testimony close at hand for anyone who needs a spiritual boost.

You have a beautiful older sister who misses you, and who say "K.J." in Heaven with Jesus :o) Your younger brother Michael will know everything about you. Your daddy is proud of you.

I know you are happy and safe with Jesus, and with Pastor. They both love you so very much.

I no longer worry about you, I just miss you. My sweet baby, I love you so very much.

Until we meet in glory




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