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Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to Our Website


Destined For Greatness

Never have I felt a love like this before
No brighter Light than Heaven's Door
Never having seen your face
but knowing,safety and warmth in your
everlasting embrace running through lifes pain
and despair
Floating on your Wings of Mercy through the
Midnight air Putting my Faith in Jesus Christ
Through his Blood, For Me he paid the price Many tears have I cried
and everyone you tenderly dried
Many times I was at death's door
but through your Mercy, You cried NO MORE No
more Pain, No more Hurt, No more Sorrow Because
I'm destined for Greatness
For All My Tomorrows
Steph Blair


In Loving Memory Of
"K.J." Kristever Jrlee Blair
On Tuesday, December 29th, 1998, God used Kristever and Stephanie Blair to bring his messenger, Kristever Jrlee Blair into this world.
No one knew that "K.J." as he was affectionately called, was here to fulfill a mighty Destiny or that he would leave such a legacy in just three short weeks.
    Thru the anointing of the Holy Spirit, "K.J." touched the lives of everyone who knew him and even those who only knew of him.
    God knew that his people were in need of a miracle in order to reach new levels of faith in him.
Therefore "K.J." Lives.
    God knew that his people needed to have their lives drastically changed in order to make it in the years to come,
therefore "K.J." Lives.
    God knew that a sister in the Lord in Atlanta, Georgia needed a miracle so that her ministry could be furthered,
Therefore "K.J." Lives.
    God knew that it was time for Pastor Tony and Cynthia Cooper and the Destiny Life Center to make HEBRON an action, not words,
Therefore "K.J." Lives.
God knew his family needed to be reconciled and relationships healed,
Therefore "K.J." Lives.
    God knew that the witness of his people needed to be heard and needed a vessel to open the door to ministry on jobs across the nation
Therefore "K.J." Lives.
    God knew that the doctors and the nurses needed to know that HE is still the chief physician,
Therefore "K.J." Lives
HEALED of all those afflictions that man said could not be healed.     
God knew the unspeakable joy that would be given to "K.J"'s parents and that they would give him unselfishly back to him when his mission was complete,
Therefore "K.J." YET Lives.
    We Thank God for the life long legacy of
and we will forever honor his memory by letting Him who has begun a good work in us complete until the day of Jesus Christ.


Hi my name is KJ Blair. I was born at 36 weeks gestation. Now everyone knows babies aren't supposed to be born that early, so I am going to tell you my story.

My beautiful Mom Stephanie was just so excited to learn she was pregnant with me. She told my dad Kris and my big sister Sadie and gave Praises to God above for the priviledge of allowing them another baby.

Mom and dad made plans and dreamed of life with their little girl and new baby boy. Life was good.

But then, in late December things took a turn for the worse, my poor mom suffered a uterine rupture, and then my placenta came detached. Mom was in a lot of pain, but Jesus sent an angel to me to be with me and make sure I made it to heaven ok. The angel told me I would feel no pain and everything would be ok. Then he held my hand and went with me to see the King who took me in His arms and held me close.

When I was born, I wasn't breathing, so they revived my body 4 times, then I breathed on my own for 7 hours and 39 minutes before I needed to be placed on life support. All this time, my body was there in the hospital, but my Soul was with Jesus and my heart with my mom and dad and big sister. I wanted so much to tell them I love them, but God said He had other plans for me. So 22 days later, mom and dad let my body go and I died. But my soul and spirit were already with Jesus.

My mom says I had the heart of a Lion because I held on for so long, and they even put a lion that roared in my final bed with me. She also thinks of me as a big teddy bear because I was so big. I was 7 lbs 13oz.s when I was born and when I went home I was already wearing 3-6 months clothes. I was a Big boy.

From up here in Heaven, I get to watch my family everyday, and was so excited when Jesus told me He was going to give my mom another little boy. Not to replace me, because Michael is a whole different person. But maybe he will help fill the void in mommy's heart.

So here I sit, singing praises to God and Jesus and watching my family. I can't wait until we meet again and I get to hug all of them, it will be a great time. I know mom and dad love Jesus as much as I do and will tell Sadie and Michael all about Him so that they will love Him to and become His children so we can all meet in Heaven again one day.

Oh one more thing just for my mom, when you see a rainbow, know that I love you, and when you feel a breeze on your face, that is my kissing your cheek.


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