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Chapter 1

Everybody’s looking for that something, One thing that makes it all complete, You find it in the strangest places, Places you never knew it could be...
(Westlife: Flying without wings)

It was a boring day in the end of the summer, the one when you have nothing to do... Nick walked down the street hoping that he had something to do. He was so bored that he almost hoped that he’d be recognized by some fans. His head was aching, for a hundredth time this week. He took his sunglasses off to help the fans and decided to go to the mall. Howie’s birthday was coming and Nick haven’t bought a present for him yet. ‘What I’m going to buy to him’ Nick thought rubbing his forehead. ‘Clothes? Nah, he has too much them... Maybe new guitar since I broke his old one...’ As he walked towards the music shop he noticed that people stared him, trying to name his familiar face. He put the sunglasses back to his head and sighted, it was always like this, although he loved being on the spotlight there was a lot of times he hoped that he had never became famous. Like a few weeks ago when he realized that his girlfriend at the time was with him just for his fame and his money. He had dumped her just on the second when he got to know this. It hurt so much to get to know that someone who he loved was like this. His heart was totally smashed in pieces. ‘Am I ever able to find a girl who don’t care about my fame, someone who wants to be with me just for who I am,’ Nick thought bitterly. ‘No, it’s never gonna happen... or if it happens it’s gonna be the biggest miracle on my life.’

Nick watched different guitars and tried to think which one would Howie like most. Deep in his thought he took a few steps back and bumped on something. “Watch where you’re walking you moron,” a girl shouted at him as he turned around. “I’m sorry,” Nick said. The girl stared him a few seconds, “Sorry I shouted, I’m having kinda bad day...” the girl said. “It’s ok. Everyone have their bad days,” Nick said as he took his sunglasses off. “Yea, but others don’t shout to strangers,” the girl grinned. Since she didn’t look to recognize him Nick took of his basketball cap too. The girl was kinda cute and Nick had felt himself so lonely in these days. He decided to make a move to her. “Care to join me if I would treat you a cup of coffee or something,” Nick asked. “I would love it, but I have to buy some strings to my guitar,” the girl said. “It’s ok. I was actually there cause I have to buy a guitar,” Nick said. “You play guitar?” the girl asked. “No, I play drums, I’m buying one for my friend cause I broke his,” Nick explained. “Maybe you could help me.. I don’t really know much about guitars,” He added. “Ok. And by the way we haven’t introduced ourselves yet, I’m Rachel,” the girl said. “I’m Nick,” Nick said. “Ok Nick, what kind of guitar your friend would like?” Rachel asked. “An acoustic one, I think that one is almost similar than his old one,” Nick pointed one of guitars. “Look at the price... That one is probably the most expensive in this shop,” Rachel laughed, she thought that when Nick will see the price he wouldn’t buy that. “By the way how you broke the old one?” she asked. “Umm... We’re just goofing around with my friends and I pretended to be a great guitarist and then I stumbled and fell on the ground, guitar first...” Nick explained. “Your friend must be angry for you,” Rachel smiled. “He was.” Nick said thinking of Howie yelling at him. Nick picked the guitar and looked at the price tag. “So, do you think that that one is good,” he asked. “That’s the best, but it’s so expensive....” Rachel said. “I will take it,” Nick said.

He bought the guitar and they walked together to the nearest coffee shop. Nick thanked God that anyone didn’t recognize him on the way. As they walked Nick took her hand in his and smiled to her. ‘She’s a damn cute thing...’ Nick thought. “So, what you want?” he asked flashing his stunning smile to her. “A coke would be good,” Rachel replied blushing lightly. ‘Stop smiling like an idiot Nick!!! Look what you have done... You embarrassed her!’ Nick told to himself and bought two cokes. “Okay, here you go,” he said handing Rachel’s coke to her. “How long you have played guitar?” Nick asked trying to make conversation. “I have played since I was 6, so I’m played almost 12 years,” Rachel explained. “You’re eighteen then?” Nick guessed. “Actually I’m 17, almost 18,” She replied. “You know you look older, I thought you were at my age,” Nick smiled. “How old you are?” Rachel asked. “I turned 20 early this year. So, Rachel, tell me about yourself, what you like besides playing guitar?” Nick said turning the conversation away from him. “I play volleyball, I write songs, but I’m not really good in it. I hang out with my friends, go to movies and to beach, just normal things like that. You?” She smiled. “Well, I have played drums since I was 14, I like singing and I dance a lot. Then I hang out with my friend when I’m home, which is not often...” Nick said. ‘Good one Nick, now she’s gonna ask why...’ Nick thought. “You’re a lot away from home?” Rachel asked. “Well, I have kinda time-consuming work,” Nick explained looking into her eyes. ‘She has such beautiful eyes,’ he thought. “So, what’s that?” Rachel asked smiling to him. “Umm, I’m in a band... So do you have a boyfriend,” Nick asked changing a subject. “No, why you’re asking?” Rachel asked. “I just wondered if you would go out with me at tonight?” Nick said. “I would love to,” Rachel said. ‘Yes!!!!’ Nick celebrated in his mind, ‘I gotta tell her about the band before she finds it out by herself.’ Nick added in his thoughts. “Is it ok if I pick you up at 7 o’clock?” Nick asked. “It’s perfect,” Rachel smiled looking for something from her bag. She took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote something. “Here, my phone number and address, if you don’t find a way just call,” she told him and gave a paper for Nick. “Thanks,” Nick said with his familiar smile on his face. “So we will see then?” he added. “Yes, but now I should be going, I promised my friend that I’ll be on her place at one o’clock and I’m already late.” Rachel said looking at her watch. Nick gave her a quick hug and said; “See you later.” “Ok, bye Nick, was nice to meet you.” Rachel replied and walked away. Nick looked after her smiling widely. ‘Maybe I just found someone who don’t treat me as Nick of the Backstreet boys. It’s such a wonderful feeling to talk with someone who treats me like I’d be a normal 20-year-old...” he thought. Nick pulled his cap to his head and sunglasses on his eyes, picked up the guitar bag and hymning quietly he directed toward his home.

It was just five thirty when Nick started to get ready for a date. He pulled almost all his clothes out of his closet as he tried to find something to wear. ‘Jesus what color.... I would look like a clown in this.... Too small... I wonder why I have bought this... I don’t like this... This makes me look fat....’ Nick thought as he tried several pieces of clothing on. ‘Why I’m this nervous? It’s just a date!!!! Not a big deal....’ Nick wondered as he saw a dark blue button-up shirt ‘Whoa... perfect.’ He pulled on a pair of creamy-white pants, white T-shirt and the shirt. ‘Why do I look same as always... although I spent more time at choosing clothes,’ he thought as he stared the mirror. He looked at the clock, six.... He had still an hour left. ‘Should I go and buy some flowers to her, maybe roses? But what if she don’t like flowers?’ Nick thought. He wrapped his wallet, Rachel’s address and keys before he went downstairs. ‘Where are my sunglasses? At the same place at always... Jesus Nick try to calm down... You’re a grown-up you can handle this without pacing around...’ Nick tried to calm himself down. ‘I’m not a grown-up!!!!’ he yelled in his mind. ‘At least I don’t feel like a grown-up.’ Nick walked out and hopped in his car. ‘Let’s see...’ He looked at Rachel’s address. ‘It takes just five minutes to drive her place... What I should do? I still have a lot of time. Maybe flowers would be a nice idea...’ he thought as he started his car and drove towards Tampa’s central.

Nick felt himself kinda stupid when he went to buy flowers... It wasn’t really his thing. Of course he had bought flowers for ladies before but never at first date. “How can I help you?” An old lady asked. “Um... Well I...” Nick muttered, “I would like to buy flowers for a girl but I don’t know what kind...” he explained blushing lightly. ‘This hasn’t ever been this hard...’ he thought quietly. “For someone special? A girlfriend?” the woman asked. “Just a first dates but I want to took her something nice,” Nick said. “What about roses? Just a little bouquet, like that one,” the woman said making a little rose bouquet. It was a simple just three red roses and five white roses. “That’s good I will take that,” Nick said smiling. He paid it and headed to Rachel’s place. ‘I hope she likes them....’

Nick found the right way fast and it was just 5 minutes to 7 when he was standing on the front door excited. He rang the door bell and in a minute a young girl, obviously about 13 or 14, came to open the door. She looked just like Rachel so Nick guessed that she was her little sister. “Hi, I came to meet Rachel,” he said. “Wait a little I get her,” the girl said and run upstairs. Nick laughed lightly when he heard her say; “Some guy who looks like Nick Carter is here to see you.” ‘You don’t even know how much I look like that Backstreet boy...’ he thought. He looked at the stairs and saw Rachel walking down, she was wearing a purple spaghetti strap dress and she looked beautiful. “Hi, I bought these to you,” Nick said giving roses to her. “Thanks Nick, they’re beautiful, can you wait for a second if I put them to water.” Rachel said. “It’s ok,” Nick replied smiling. As Rachel walked into other room Nick noticed that her little sister was staring him. “Your name is Nick? You seem so familiar,” she said shyly. “Yep, who you think I do look like?” Nick asked innocently. “Nick Carter,” Rachel’s little sister said. “I’m, but don’t tell anyone that I’m dating your sister ok?” Nick said to her and she grinned. “You’re telling the truth?” She asked. “Yeah, wanna see?” Nick said and took his driving license from his wallet. He showed it to Nicole. “Carter, Nickolas Gene, born January 28th 1980,” she read aloud. “You do believe me?” Nick asked with a grin. “I do, that’s so cool!!!” She said eagerly. “What’s so cool, Nicole?” Rachel asked. “That Nick is here!!” Nicole replied. Rachel give Nicole a confused look and said; “Nick, I’m ready. Let’s go.” Nick took her hand and leaded her to his car. He knew that Rachel was going to ask what was that. “So where we’re going?” Rachel asked. “Well, I thought if we would go to diner first,” Nick said. “That’s nice, but can you explain what was that thing with my sister?” Rachel asked. “Umm... I can explain... I’m in a band called Backstreet boys and your sister just found out who I’m...” Nick explained. “So you’re Nick Carter?” Rachel asked. “That’s my name...” Nick replied. “I didn’t recognize you at all... But I don’t really listen your music,” Rachel said. “It’s Ok, I want people treat me as Nick the human being, not the famous Nick of the BSB,” Nick said. “You’re so different that I would ever imagine you to be, you don’t be like some stars...” Rachel smiled and added then; “My big brother is a friend of one guy from ‘N sync, I have met him once, he was so full of himself!!! What was his name? Joey that’s it...” “Well, I just try to be myself, not something what I’m not...” Nick said. “It doesn’t matter that you’re a celebrity... Look if I hadn’t liked you when we first met when I didn’t know that you was famous I wouldn’t be there. I liked you as in person. And you’re still the same Nick who I met before,” Rachel explained calmly.

Nick was so happy that he was ready to scream and dance but he was driving so he couldn’t. He smiled happily to Rachel and said; “You know it doesn’t happen everyday that a girl excepts my fame so calmly. The most of them start with thousands questions about my work and so on...” Rachel looked at him, “Well, I’m not the most of girls,” she grinned and added then, “besides I don’t know anything about music of your band.” “What kind of music you like?” Nick asked. “Well, I’m a big fan of Bryan Adams, especially his older stuff, then I listen a lot of classical music and I like Michael Jackson too,” Rachel replied. “What you like?” she asked. “Well I like Journey, then Nirvana and Metallica, and I like Bryan Adams too,” Nick explained. “Ok, we’re there,” he said as he parked the car. Nick pulled his sunglasses on and hand in hand they walked into restaurant.

Nick leaded her to the corner table, they sat down and a young waitress come to their table. They ordered and went back to their conversation. Nick looked into Rachel’s chocolate brown eyes and studied her face carefully, ‘She looks so cute when she smiles… and her eyes are so beautiful. They’re at same color as melted chocolate…. Mmnn I could eat her, she looks so good… I wonder if she tastes that good…’ he thought. “….Nick!!! are you listening at all?” Rachel asked. “Um… What?” Nick woke up from his own la-la-land. “What you was thinking? You seemed to be somewhere very far…” Rachel laughed. “Just deep in thought…” Nick replied blushing lightly. “Do you know, I don’t really know anything about you, but still I have a feeling that I have known you for a long time.” Rachel said after a few minutes quiet. “You have that too? Where does that feeling came from?” Nick smiled. “I don’t know, but friend of mine is always telling me how can two people be soulmates, or there could be a strong connection between two people since they have met in the previous life, I’m never believed her...” Rachel looked at into Nick’s clear blue eyes. “Maybe your friend is right...” Nick whispered, as he felt like flying... Only thing that he could do was just look at into her eyes. He was lost...

The two was totally in their own world... Everything seemed to be crystal clear, they didn’t need the words to tell each other that it was love... “Excuse me, who ordered chicken?” a waitress broke the scene. Nick shook his head to clear his thoughts. “I did,” Rachel said to the waitress. “Ok, here you go, and fish was for mister then....” the waitress said. “Yes it was,” Nick said. As the waitress left they looked at each others and started to laugh. “How long she stood there?” Nick asked. “I don’t know,” Rachel replied laughing. They ate quietly just enjoying each other’s company. There was something between them, something that no one else couldn’t feel, just the two of them.

When they left from the restaurant Nick took Rachel to the beach. Hand in hand they walked on sand. The sun was setting and everything was just beautiful. When they were far from everyone else, they stopped and Nick sat down taking Rachel with him so she was sitting on his lap. He kissed her cheek softly then moved to her lips, he kissed her slowly, softer than he had ever kissed anyone. They parted slowly looking into each other’s eyes. “We’re meant to be...” Rachel whispered just before their lips met for another soft kiss. For the people who saw them together, they seemed to be couple who had been together for a long time, they weren’t making out like normal couples in their age. They just share a few soft kisses and cuddled together. Rachel rested her head to Nick’s shoulder and Nick wrapped his arms lovingly around her. Nick had a headache again but he ignored it and kissed Rachel’s forehead softly. They spent hours on the beach just holding each other, stars and the moon were the only light they had. Everything seemed to be so easy, they knew that they loved each others without any words... ‘I wish that we could be like this forever...’ Nick thought.

It was almost midnight when Nick took Rachel home, he walked her to the front door and gave her a gentle kiss; “Are we meeting tomorrow?” he asked. “Just tell me when...” Rachel replied. “What if I pick you up at twelve, we can think then what we’re gonna do.” Nick suggested. “See you then.” Rachel said before walking in. Smiling Nick got into his car and drove home. His head was still aching. ‘Why I keep having these headaches?’ he thought when he got home and went to look if he had some kind painkillers. He took one and went to bed thinking of Rachel... The girl he fell in love when he first saw her.

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