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Chapter 2

It’s not often that you find someone, Who can fulfill all your dreams inside, It’s like an angel above, She was the one for me, believe...
(Boyzone: Paradise)

At the next morning Nick woke up when the phone rang. He pulled the covers over his head not wanting to get up yet but the phone kept ringing... “damn....” Nick muttered as he got up and walked over the phone picking it up. “Hello?” he said tiredly. “Did I woke you up?” a familiar voice asked. “Yes you did Brian. How the hell you’re up at this time?” Nick said angrily he hated it when someone called in early morning. “I didn’t sleep at all!!! And it’s almost ten by the way...” Brian replied. “Why you didn’t sleep?” Nick asked. “It’s a long story... Where you were last night I tried to call to you.” Brian said. “with someone special...” Nick said mysteriously. “Who’s that? A girl?” Brian asked. “Yes a girl.” Nick said. “Details, Nick, I want details!” Brian yelled. “Well, her name is Rachel, I met her in the music store yesterday. She has long dark brown hair and eyes on the color of chocolate.” Nick told him. “You met her YESTERDAY and you call her already special. You must got it bad Frack.” Brian laughed. “you don’t know her Frick, she is special... I’ve never met anyone like Rachel, she’s beautiful, intelligent and god knows what else... Besides I’ve never met anyone who’s at her age and so mature.” Nick explained. “How old she is then?” Brian asked. “she’ s 17,” Nick said knowing what Brian would say. “Nick!!!” Brian yelled. “Calm down Brian, she’ll be 18 in the next month... There’s just two years. Look at yourself, you’re six years younger than your fiancée.” Nick said. “Hey talking about Leigh, she’s saying hi to you...” Brian said with a voice what Nick had hated before. Brian voice was always full of love when he talked about his fiancée and it always made Nick feel uneasy when he hadn’t girlfriend... It used to make him so jealous... For a some reason it didn’t feel so annoying now. “Tell her same back,” Nick said. So what did you two do last night?” Brian asked. “Well, first we went to eat and then I took her to the beach, we spent there over three hours... ” Nick told him. “So what happened on the beach? No one spends three hour on the beach in dark,” Brian said. “Nothing what you think happened... Have you ever heard a story about soulmates?” Nick asked. “Yea, why?” Brian answered. “I had a strange feeling last night that I knew her although we had never met before, I didn’t say anything to her but then she said that she had that feeling too,” Nick explained. “That’s weird,” Brian said. “It is...” Nick said. “Well, actually I didn’t call to hear about your love life, I called just to ask if you have something to do today.” Brian told him. “I’m spending the day with Rachel. What you had in your mind?” Nick asked. “A b-ball game.. what else..” Brian said. “Sorry Bri, what about tomorrow?” Nick asked. “Ok. At twelve?” Brian said. “It’s a deal.” Nick replied.

After the two hung down Nick took a quick shower and started to make breakfast. He ate reading a newspaper and listening the radio. They were playing Backstreet boys on the radio and Nick sang along as he got up, but sat back down as everything went black. He felt like fainting for a moment. ‘Whoa... Why I’m like this, I can’t even count how many times I’m almost fainted at these days. And all those headaches, maybe it’s just stress. Or that I haven’t eaten enough vitamins or something...’ he thought. Nick sat there for a while and then got up slowly. Clock was just eleven so he had time to take easy. He walked to the living room and turned the TV on. He decided to watch MTV, there was just some new pop tunes playing so Nick changed into VH-1. He watched it until he had to go.

As Nick drove to Rachel’s place he thought the things they could do. This day was just for them. Just a though that he would be together with her the whole day made the day better. ‘I hope that I don’t get headache today...’ he wished in his mind as he parked his car on the front of Rachel’s house. He got out and needed just a few steps before he was on the door. He rang the doorbell and after a while Nicole opened the door. “Hi Nicole, is Rachel there?” Nick asked. “Hi Nick! She’s upstairs, but I can get her,” Nicole said and run up. A minute later she came down and said; “She’s coming in a minute.” “Thanks,” Nick said. “You’re welcome. Um.. I was just wondering, if you could give me your autograph,” Nicole said shyly. “It’s ok, just borrow me a pen and tell me where you want it,” Nick replied smiling. “I have a poster on my wall, if you could sign it...” Nicole said leading Nick to her room. There was several posters of AJ on her wall but Nick spotted quickly his own face between them. Rachel gave him a pen and Nick signed the picture and wrote her a little message like for fans usually. “Thanks Nick!!!” Rachel said smiling widely. “No problem, hey, I can see that you like AJ, so would you like to have his autograph too?” Nick asked. “Could you really ask it for me?? It would be so cool!!” Nicole said excited. “Yea, I can ask it,” Nick replied as Rachel walked to the room. “Is there something I need to take with me?” she asked for Nick. “Yea, take your swimming suit,” Nick said smiling. “Ok, I go to get it and then we can go,” Rachel said and walked to her room. A minute later she came back. “Are you ready to go?” Nick asked. “Yes,” Rachel replied. “Ok, Bye Nicole. See you soon,” Nick said and they walked to his car.

“So, are we going to beach or something?” Rachel asked. “It would be fun but because of fans I think we have to use swimming pool on my backyard,” Nick grinned. “Sounds good,” Rachel said with smile. In a few minutes they we’re at Nick’s place and Nick drove his car to the garage. “Whoa, this house is huge,” Rachel said as they walked in. “You live there all by yourself? Not even a roommate?” she asked. “Noup, just me and my dogs,” Nick replied. “You have dogs? Where they are?” Rachel asked. “They are on the backyard,” Nick said leading her outside. Rachel saw a little dog running to them, “Where is the other?” Nick wondered. “Mickey!!!” he called and a dog appeared from a huge dog house. “They’re so cute,” Rachel said as the dogs run around her. “I love animals, and I’ve always wanted a dog but my mom is allergic,” she added. “Really? Maybe you could take care of my dogs when I’m on the tour,” Nick said with grin. “We’re leaving to the tour on the end of October,” he added. “I would love it,” Rachel said. “Well, maybe I have to introduce my little friends to you,” Nick said. “Well Mickey is the one with red collar, and Nicky has blue,” Nick explained looking his dogs lovingly. Rachel picked Nicky up and laughed as little dog licked her face. “I think Nicky already likes you, that’s weird usually it’s shy,” Nick said. Rachel stroked Nicky’s neck gently and whispered something to it. “What you said?” Nick asked. “Nothing,” Rachel grinned as she put Nicky down. “Tell me what you said... This is unfair,” Nick complained. “Ok, I said that Nicky is as cute as it’s owner,” Rachel said. “You think I’m cute?” Nick asked innocently. “You know you are...” Rachel smiled and Nick wrapped his arms around her. “Wanna hear a secret,” he whispered. “Tell me,” Rachel said. “You’re too,” Nick whispered and kissed her.

Nick started to spin Rachel around, whispering soft words to her, but all sudden he felt his head aching, then everything went black and he lost consciousness. Rachel fell down with him cause his arms were still around her. “Nick, Nick what’s wrong???” Rachel panicked. She felt Nick’s pulse but it was still strong, “Nick, please, Nick wake up...” she pleaded touching his face. She didn’t know if she had to call an ambulance, cause Nick breathed regularly and his heart beat just like before. Then she felt Nick to move, slowly he opened his eyes and asked; “What happened?” “I don’t know,” Rachel replied. “Jeez, my head is killing me,” Nick moaned rubbing his forehead. His headache was worse that ever. “Are you ok now?” Rachel asked worried. “I think I’m,” Nick replied. “Can you get up?” Rachel asked. “Dunno,” Nick said and slowly sat up. Rachel took his hand and helped him up. Hand in hand they walked in and Nick laid onto couch. “I can’t understand why I fainted...” He complained. “Have you ever fainted before?” Rachel asked. “Two years ago when I had heatstroke. But I almost fainted in this morning...” Nick explained. “Maybe you should go to doctor,” Rachel suggested. “You’re right, then I could also find out why I keep having these headaches.” Nick said. “What headaches?” Rachel asked. “I have had headache almost every day in this month,” Nick explained and rubbed his head. “Painkillers don’t help at all...” He complained. “Lift your head a little,” Rachel said and sat to the couch. Nick rested his head onto her lap and she started to massage his temples gently. “Maybe this helps a little,” Rachel said. Nick closed his eyes and enjoyed her touch. “This feels good,” he whispered.

Nick walked along the road, he didn’t knew where he was going to but what he knew was that someone was waiting for him. He saw a bunch of teenage girls and as he walked by, they were screaming. He heard music but didn’t know where it came until he saw a couch middle of the road, AJ sat on the couch and listened radio. Nick saw Brian playing basketball on the side of the road and Howie was jet-skiing as usually but the strange thing was that there was no water... Then Nick saw Kevin walking towards him, as Kev walked by, he asked, “Nick, you’re late. I thought you was old enough to do things like that yourself.” Nick ignored Kev. On the end of the road was a house, he walked straight in and didn’t even bother to knock. He heard someone playing guitar and went direction where the voice of the music came. There was a door, he opened it and there was some kind curtains in front of him. He raised the curtains and went to the other side. He saw a microphone and then he realized that he was on stage. On the edge of the stage was sitting someone, who was dressed in black clothes and she/he had a hood over her/his head. Suddenly the room was full of people and the guitarist said, “Sing, Nicky, Sing.” From the voice Nick get to know the person was a girl. She started playing a song that was unfamiliar to Nick but for some reason he knew the lyrics. He stand in front of the microphone and started to sing;

Nick woke up, his head was still on Rachel’s lap and she was looking right into his eyes. “Did you had a good sleep?” Rachel asked. ‘This is the voice, she was the guitarist,’ Nick thought. “Yea, how long I slept?” Nick asked. “A little bit over an hour,” Rachel said. “You should have woken me up,” Nick said as he sat up. “I didn’t wanted to, you slept so peacefully and I think you needed that sleep,” Rachel explained. “I had a weird dream...” Nick told her. “What you dreamed about?” Rachel asked. “Nothing important... It was just kinda weird,” Nick explained shortly. “Do you feel better now? Still having a headache?” Rachel asked. “I’m okay, starving but okay...” Nick said with a laugh. “Good,” Rachel smiled. “That I’m starving?” Nick asked kidding. “That you’re feeling better,” Rachel said. “I think I can got up now so let’s go to eat something,” Nick said and then got up. “Where we’re going to eat?” Rachel asked. “I was thinking the five star restaurant that’s near, it’s called kitchen,” Nick joked and gave Rachel a piggy back ride to the kitchen.

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