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Conrad Windisch commissioned a unique stone in the form of a Gothic ruin with ivy, a severed oak trunk, and other elaborate symbols carved in stone. Conrad Windisch, along with Gottlieb and Henry Muhlauser, founded the Windisch-Muhlauser Brewery in 1866, reorganized in 1882 as the Lion Brewery, Cincinnati's second largest in the 1880's. In 1882, it was the first to use ice machines to chill the brew but closed in 1922 due to Prohibition. Two surviving brothers erected the complex monument with carved hour glass, its sands gone because of a hole, an inverted torch, and anchor, intertwinded shepherds' staff, a ship, a harp, linked rings, a bow with two arrows, and Father Time with his scythe.

A faithful watchdog in stone lies near the grave of his young master, William Coon Redman who died in 1834 at age seven years, six months and twenty one days.

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