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Seeking Boggs Adoptee

I recently answered a letter in my local newspaper. It read as follows:

Woman Searching for her sister

I am searching for my sister, who was given up at birth and may or may not have been adopted. The only information I have is her birth name and birth date. I have reason to believe she was raised in the Ashland, Kentucky area.

Her name was Anna May or Mae Foster and she was born February 29, 1951.

My address is 615 Mays Chapel Road, Lebanon, KY 40033 and telephone number is (502) 692-9190.

Bessie K. Hill Lebanon

After reading this article and several phone conversations, Bessie Hill contacted her estranged mother, Bessie Icie Boggs and was given additional information about the birth of this child.

Anna May (Mae) Foster was born 29 Feb. 1952 to Bessie Icie Boggs or Icie Bessie Boggs (unsure of exact name) at Norton Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Anna was born in the early morning hours and weighed 6lbs and ?oz. It has been said that she may have been adopted by a Physician and his wife.

The mother, Bessie Icie Boggs (maiden name) was somehow connected to the All Pray Founders Home in Louisville. The records for this home, as I am told, are now housed at the Kentucky Baptist Children's Home.

Bessie Boggs had approximately 10 children which I have listed below. I will add to this information as it becomes available.

Bush Vickie L born 12-12-65 Jefferson County, Kentucky

Bush Victor D born 02-28-69 Jefferson County, Kentucky

Couch Ben M born 04-29-58 Jefferson County, Kentucky

Couch Bessie K born 07-10-54 Jefferson County, Kentucky

Couch Earnie R born 02-26-56 Jefferson County, Kentucky

Foster Barbara J born 07-25-48 Unknown County (listed as 64)

Foster Roger D born 07-02-59 Jefferson County, Kentucky

Foster Gary Dwayne born 1964 Unknown County

If anyone has information about this adopted child or information on this family, please contact myself or Bessie K. Hill. Debi Foster 3710 Evergreen Drive Catlettsburg, KY 41129 (606) 739-6621 Bessie Hill 615 Mays Chapel Road Lebanon, Kentucky 40033 (502) 692-9190

Seekers of The Lost

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