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This page is dedicated to my father-in-law, Richard Lee Foster, and our endless search for his birth mother, Lucile Deloris Foster Balzly.

"Lucile Deloris Foster"

Shown On Right in Photo

Lucile was born 07 August 1911 in Ashland, Kentucky to John Thornton Foster and Effie Gantz. Effie died in 1913 and shortly after John moved the family to Portsmouth, Ohio. Lucile attended Portsmouth High School and in the late 1920's worked for American Steam Laundry Company at 1016 Findlay Street in Portsmouth Ohio.

On 25 April 1930 Lucile gave birth to a son, Richard Lee Foster. She was not married at the time. Richard's birth record indicated the father was Edgar Jackson, a railroader, from Kentucky.

On 20 January, 1931 Lucile married Warren Eugene Smith. Together they had a son born 02 August, 1931 and a daughter, Jacquline Smith, born 11 December, 1932. Jacqueline died on 20 February 1933 and is buried in Greenlawn Cemetary, Portsmouth Ohio.

Shortly after the death of her daughter,Lucile disappeared from Portsmouth, Ohio leaving behind her husband and two very young sons. Family rumor told of Lucile moving to Cleveland, Ohio where she may have worked as a sales clerk.

I obtained documents from the Portsmouth, Ohio court of Common Pleas that state Warren Smith filed for divorce on 22 June 1933. The divorce was not final until 18 Feb. 1935.

The divorce record charged Lucile with extreme cruelty, gross neglect of duty and adultery and granted Warren Eugene Smith custody of their young son. The child was to be cared for by Mr & Mrs. Edward Dressel at the father's orders. Lucile Foster Smith was nowhere to be found during the divorce precedings and Mr. Foster was granted his divorce after the Portsmouth Times Newspaper printed the announcement on December 5,12,19,26 1934 and January 2 and 9, 1935.

The two children of Lucile were separated after her disappearance. The eldest son, Richard, was raised by Lucile's father. The youngest son remembers being placed in a children's home for a number of years before moving with his father and step-mother to Mowrystown, OH. His father passed away 9 months later, on 09 May 1941, of pulmonary tuberculosis and is buried in Mowrystown, Ohio.

In 1995, after six months of searching these two brothers have been reunited.

I've obtained a marraige record from Cleveland, Ohio on Lucile to John Bell Batson, Jr. on 28 April 1938. Lucile is listed as housewife and John a printer. Her whereabouts have been untraceable from here.

Lucile changed her Social Security card in 1963 in the name of Balzly. Her Social Security number is 276-20-8730, an Ohio SS#.

In 1992 her files at the IRS were updated in the name of Lucile Balzly (could be spelled Balzli)and she used 07 August 1913 as her date of birth.

I have searched in every way known to me for this woman. Others have offered help, searching by Social Security Number, Dates of Birth, Etc. and nothing is reported. She may be drawing benefits from a spouse or may have applied for a new SS# somewhere along the way. She truly is a mystery to this family.

If anyone has information on Lucile Deloris Foster, please help me answer the questions of her disappearance so long ago.
You can see additional information regarding the Foster Family at my
Foster Home Page

I want to give a very special thanks to Todd Matthews of Livingston, Tennessee and Lynn Johnson of Lexington, Kentucky for all of their help when I have called upon them. Without the two of them, this information would not be available. It's a very special kind of person that dedicates their time and help to seeking the answers to the unknown. Thanks to both of you for everything!

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