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This page is dedicted to Marijuana and things that relate to the subject. I hope you enjoy your stay at my site. This is a new site so please excuse me for the mistakes I may have made. I am also constructing the page, so please bookmark this site for future reference. I would also appreciate your comments and suggestions you might have. Enjoy your stay at the Emporium.

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Marijuana in todays society is the least of our promblems, yet why are so many people trying to get it out of the hands of the people who truly enjoy it? Why can't our government spend more time on pursuing violent criminals and HARD drugs and leave Marijuana smokers alone. I call HARD drugs, anything that is man made (Heroin, Cocaine, etc). I feel that hard drugs have way too may bad consequences than good. This may offend some of you but I feel everyone has their freedom to choose what they put in their body.*** Two milion dollars was just spent on an anti-drug campaign. Is this were our tax dollars are going? Has a lame ad ever once made you stop and think about quitting something? I don't think so. *** I also strongly agree in legalizing Marijuana. Below is a list of some reasons why think it should be legalized:

    Have you ever heard of someone robbing someone for weed money.
    No one has ever overdosed on Marijuana. It is impossible.
    Crime rates would decrease taking drug dealers of the streets.
    Usage by children would decrease.
    Farmers could make alot more money harvesting Marijuana than Tobbaco.

    This is my webring why don't you get jointed!

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