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Welcome to Michelle Mazzei's Technology page.

Please keep in mind that all these available links will be changing from time to time. So if you find a link you will use, copy and paste it into your own web page. What!? You don't have a web page? Well, come to class and create one. See you in class or on the web.



Directions on "how to" run the McAfee virus scan:

This page will offer useful Technology information, such as good sites, trouble shooting, "How tos", and Fun stuff. If you have information that would be helpful on this page please send it to me, and Thanks!

Remember to always support all teachers whether you want to or not . . . any negativity should be handled behind closed doors, in a professional manner.


PhotoShop tips and tricks
"Viruses Hoaxes: Check These Out!
My Home Page: Informational Literature

Some of the teachers from our district worked along side a large group of Kentucky Teachers on the Kentucky History Project. It is a great place for 4th grade teachers and their classrooms to visit: Check These Out!


Policy for Technology Students and Teachers 1. Computer covers are not to be removed. 2. Printers are not to be repaired. 3. The configuration of the workstation is not to be changed. 4. No software is to be installed unless a district tech allows it. 5. Students can assist with paper jams. 6. Students can assist with software problems. 7. Printers can be installed but if difficulties are encountered, a work order needs to be submitted.

Great Educational Sites

Kentucky History Project
An Educational Emporium's:
Classroom Technology Web Center
Plugged In: Community Technology Center
Center on Education and Work
Education - Resources
First Grade Plus Links
School & Education Sites
Biological Resources
NASA: Educational Elements
Geologic Information: Science for a changing world.
Educational Resources for Cartography, Geography, and Related Disciplines
Calendars through the Ages
Test their water knowledge
Test Your Money $marts Quiz
SEC Mutual Fund Cost Calculator
Savings Bonds for Kids!
Make Flash Cards/Parental Notes
Charlotte's Web
A Great Graphics site
A Tour of the Heart
Careers: Becoming a Doctor.

Main Links

McCracken School District Staff Home Pages
LOHS Teacher Web Pages
Heath Elementary Teacher Web Pages
Farley's Teacher Home Page Links
Hendron Lone Oak Teacher Home Page Links
Preactivity to Creating Your Own Web Worksheet
Elementary Level Links
High School links: includes practice tests
Mrs. Whitis' 2nd Grade Homepage
Lone Oak Middle School Technology Lab

Still More Services

Free Web Building Help
How MP3 files work
Education: Internet Coach
Cram Jam: Publishing Teacher and Student work
The ability to defer and detect Plagiarism of academic work
Check out Think Quest
National Assessment of Educational Progress
National Assessment Governing Board
KATE: JASON Project, Listserve, Exceptable Use, KTLN, Administrative Web Resources
Math Jeopardy Games (Note: The