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Informational: English Literature

HI, I found some nice Literature sites. Instead of having to search for them over and over again, I posted them all together. I thought it might be just as helpful for you to use. Also I have some business links that looked very interesting to me; they are worth a visit: Afterall, all teachers could use a second income!

Thanks for visiting; I will always be adding and deleteing, so return often.

Remember to always support all teachers whether you want to or not . . . any negativity should be handled behind closed doors, in a professional manner.
Shopping at Barnes and Nobel is an experince for the senses. If you have never been, at least shop around their web search. You'll be glad you did!

MichellesClass is full of links for working at home, literature, and the only Book Store.


Poetry Page
The Only Book Store
Business: Insight
I.D.: Business
18th Century Literature
Emily Dickinson
The Writing Company
Romanticism On the Web
Edgar Allen Poe Pages
18th Century Text
18 th Century Resources
Emily Dickinson Poems
Nicolo Machiavelli
Elements of a Short Story
McCracken School District Staff Home Pages
LOHS Teacher Web Pages
Michelle's Technology Page