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The ElfQuest Fan Club Holts Web Ring

Welcome to the EQ Holts Ring Homepage! We hope that this ring will make it easier for you, the fan, to find the right holt for you. Or for the holt leader, we hope this will bring more members to you.

Would you like to join the ring?

If you have an ElfQuest holt web page, we'd love to have it in the ring! Just fill out the form below, submit it, and then go to the setup page for further instructions. Be sure to remember your site ID number and password! Only the owner of the webring can add your site to the ring. When you have added the necessary code and images to your page, please email the ringmaster and let her know. She'll add your page as soon as possible.


Before your site will be added to the ring, it must contain the Ring's table of links (see the setup page for details). The links must appear on the holt page itself, not on another page (such as a personal EQ page) that links to it. Sites with objectional (x-rated, racist, etc.) material, those with content other than related to ElfQuest holts, or those containing only links and no new material will not be admitted into the ring. At this time, we are not considering appreciation societies (pages devoted to particular ElfQuest characters) to be holts.

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ElfQuest Fan Club Holts Web Ring
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