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  • Altamont KS, Municipal
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  • Who We Help

  • Seniors with low incomes and no alternate source of help.

  • Disabled peoples whose physical capabilities limit their ability to maintain income to adequately cover energy bills.

  • A household who has experienced an unexpected financial emergency which has depleted their monthly income but until that time have been financially stable

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    You Can Make A Difference

    Kansas and Western Missouri Divisional Headquarters
    3637 Broadway
    Kansas City, MO 64111

    Dear Salvation Army Staffers,

    In the middle of filling out a HeatShare contribution form for my utility, I realized that it past time to contact you.

    Several weeks ago, I celebrated a one-year anniversary of sorts. A year ago, I was very ill with (undiagnosed) bronchio/pneumonia, had no money, and was within hours of gas and electric shutoffs. As a self-employed sales person, I'd been ineligible for normal assistance despite having gone through an eight month period without income.

    HeatShare was the first organization to stand up and offer their help. They were followed closely by the Sumsail Foundation and by HUD.

    One year later, Im once again a contributing member of society and am able to begin paying back those who helped when such help meant everything.

    So, as I send the first small contribution back, Id like to take this opportunity to also say THANK YOU! Would you please also pass on my gratitude to those in your office?

    Brenda Smith

    (This is an actual letter from a HeatShare recipient, Brenda Smith is not her real name).

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