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Levin Fossil Collection

Levin Fossil Collection


This is the pith core (inside) of a large Pennsylvanian Period plant called Calamites. It was a gift from Jim McDowell of Red Cloud, Nebraska. Location is not known, but maybe exteme southeastern Nebraska.

Ichthyodectes & Pachyrhizodus Vertebral Columns and Tails

These spinal columns of the Cretaceous fish Ichthyodectes (left) and Pachyrhizodus were collected from a rock pit six miles northwest of Smith Center, Kansas on August 26, 2004.

Calippus Jaw

This it the upper right jaw of a Calippus. This horse lived during the Miocene-Pliocene Periods. Collected from a sand pit in central Smith County, Kansas at a depth of about seven feet.

Silicified Wood

I removed this tree trunk from a Miocene sandstone deposit in a pasture about nine miles northeast of Smith Center, Kansas. As pictured it's 6 1/2 feet long and weighs 232 pounds.

Large Mammoth Molar

This tooth was pumped from a sandpit in Dawson County, Nebraska. It's 15 inches long and weighs 11.5 pounds.