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Levin Fossil Collection

Large Columbian Mammoth Molar from Mitchell County, Kansas.

This is a view of the root system.

This is the occlusal surface, and the tooth is almost entirely covered with cementum. This indicates the tooth is less than 50% erupted. The only part of this tooth that was in use at time of death is shown by the erosion of the cementum covering at far right. The individual plates of enamel are beginning to show.

This is the lingual view,(tongue side) of the tooth.

This is the outer (labial) side of the molar.

This molar is 8 inches tall and 8.5 inches long. This tooth exhibits about 13 ridges of enamel, where as the whole to would have about 26 ridges of enamel. So this tooth is only about half of the original tooth. This partial weighs 11 pounds, so the complete molar would be in the range of 20-22 pounds.

Poebrotherium wilsoni Jaws

These are the jaws of a small Oligocene Period camel from the White River formation. Collected near Douglas, Wyoming.