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Levin Fossil Collection

Lamna lerichei

Shark tooth from the Eocene Period. It was collected from the Meridian Sand/Tallahatta Formation, Covington County, Alabama.

Dinosaur Egg Shell

Dinosaur egg shell fragment (Titanosauridae sp.). From the Upper Cretaceous Period, Allen Formation. Collected near General Roca, Rigo Negro Province, Patagonia, Argentina, South America.

Mylagaulid Tooth

These two teeth belonged to a horned rodent that lived during the Miocene period. I found these two teeth while cleaning a Gomphothere tooth. They were stuck to the tooth. Collected in northern Smith County, Kansas.

Septastrae sp.

Coral from the Yorktown Formation of the Miocene Period. Collected near Aurora, North Carolina.

Aspiderites sp.

Turtle shell fragments from the Campanian (73-75 million years ago). Collected from Dinosaur Park Formation, Alberta, Canada.