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Levin Fossil Collection

Hyracodon nebraskensis partial jaw

Partial jaw of the sheep sized mammal from the Brule Formation of the Oligocene Period of the area near Chadron, Nebraska.

Hadrosaur Tooth

Another small dinosaur tooth from the Cretaceous Period. Campanian, Dinosaur Park Formation, southeast Alberta, Canada.

Leidyosuchus tooth

Tooth from a Cretaceous Period crocodile. Found in Dinosaur Park Formation, southeast Alberta, Canada.

Titanothere Molar Cap

Cap of molar of large Rhino that live during the Oligocene Period. Recovered from the Brule Formation at Chadron, Nebraska.

Myledaphus bipartitus tooth

Fish tooth from the Dinosaur Park Formation. Lived during the Cretaceous Period near Alberta, Canada.