The White OnesErrr..what's so f***ing funny?

"Who are you?" "Weiß. The White Hunter"
-Aya and a Villian, episode 1

Megumi-chan : Ahhhh...Weiß Kreuz (pronounced Vice Kroytz). A perfect group of guys..Mild-mannered florists by day, weapon-weilding assassins by night. They are the ones who take justice into their own hands and punish Japan's corrupt ones.
Miyako-chan : Hai, and this section is devoted to those lovable bishounen! And our special co-host is...*drumroll*...SCHULDIG!!!! Aren't you excited that you're a cohost and this is the opening of our new site?!!?
Schuldig : *Rolls his eyes* Ecstatic. Anyway I'm gonna do this as quickly as possible. Blah, blah, blah, this is Weiß, ya know the guys on the show that engage in yaoi activites together after hours...
Miyako-chan : What!??!?! That is SO not your lines!
Schuldig : I'm improvising, all talented actors do it!
Megumi-chan : Yeh well, stick to the lines from now on or we'll get Takatori and his golf club in here on your ass!
Schuldig : Eep! I'll be good! Oh yeah, I'm supposed to warn all 'Aya otakus' that we all like to have a little fun with him..nothing's just too easy!

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Real men wear pink hats.
Megumi-chan : Yes! I just had to put a picture up of Omi-kun in his pink hat up from the first episode!

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