Welcome to Black and White : Schwarz and Weiss! A place where all our favorite assassin groups can gather together and not have to suffer any sort of favoritism and discrimination (except for Aya-kun, cuz it's just too easy with him..) Brought to you by the ever lazy Megumi-chan and and the ever (NOT)present Miyako-chan ^_^ And yes, finally the cluttered look of our cheap little site pissed me off one too many times and I said to myself, I said "Damnit, make a seperate page for your hour-long update messages because all you ever do is ramble on and on about nothing for hours, like the time when you stuck a--" and then I had to slap myself so that I would just shut up already. Anyway, here it is:
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Last Update: January 24, 2004 (Good God woman!! Do you ever update?)

Like I wouldn't tell you guys the second I discovered them, that's right!!!! WEIß OAVS woohoo!!! Plus these guys have Yami no Matsuei, which I've also been dying to see!
Muraki Fansubs

Welcome! You'll find information on all three assassin groups from Weiß Kreuz and more! Enjoy!


Thanks soooooo much to Melody for letting us use screencaps from her AMAZING site "Melody's Weiß Kreuz Shrine". Without her, this site would be missing a lot of images, so check her site out! Thanks Melody!

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