Void of Color

"Because with powers like ours, we could survive anything."
-Schuldig, episode 24

Megumi-chan : Schwarz are the 'bad guys' of Weiß Kreuz, and they're just so good at it! Their name means 'black' in German (Get it? Weiß means white...and Black is the opposite of white..hahaha, how clever..ehhh o_º) They are the badass group of assassins hired by Takatori Reiji to protect him...and they have special powers; beat that Weiß..bwahahaha! Oh dear..sometimes I get a little too excited when talking about ass-kicking assassins with special powers o_º.
Miyako-chan : Yep and Megumi should be happy to know our guest co-host is the one and only Omi-kun!
Omi : Hi minna!!! This section is for our enemies Schwarz! I don't know why you would want to find out anything about these guys, they're very evil! But if you're convinced, you'll find plenty of info here...anyway.. Enjoy ^_^!
Omi : Hiya!!! Guess what? There's a brand new section up for all you Schwarz fanatics out there! It's called 'Schwarz's Allies' and you can bet I won't be on the list!!
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Schwarz Allies

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