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"Schreient is just a bunch of puppets."
-Farfarello, episode 8
Megumi-chan : Schreient is the female assassin group from Weiß Kreuz, and they get no respect. It must be pretty hard to live up to the evil standards that Schwarz created that Weiß's villans must live up to. In the show, obviously Weiß isn't too friendly with them, Schwarz hates them, the rest of the Takatoris see no use for them, and fans of the show prefer Schwarz over them. The reason they're not the ultimate villans Schwarz is, is probably because they're not smart enough to keep their own interest as their top priority. They aren't really evil, either. Not to mention the fact that having Tot in your assassin group kind of takes away a little of your badass image ^_^.
Miyako-chan : Hey, Tot can be as deadly as the rest of them! Anyway, allow me to introduce our guest co-hosts, yes that's right, this time we have two! Yohji and Schuldig!
Yohji : It is an honor to introduce these lovely ladies...
Schuldig : *Yawn* Yeah...if only they weren't pathetic copys of Schwarz, they might actually win a fight.
Yohji : Baka! You'll ruin my chances with them! Anyway, you'll find some valuable info on these wonderous women and there's a new section called 'Friends of Schreient!'
Schuldig : Ha! That list won't take up too much space..

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