If you haven't seen the OAVs, and you don't want to be spoiled, then I suggest you leave cuz I just don't think I can contain myself ^_~

Ok, first off, if you don't already have them, GO GET THE OAVs!!!! There's action, suspense, betrayal, romance (not really..), and sexy bishounen! I tell ya, I usually am very cynical and I hate cheesy things, and I am somewhat aware of the cheese factor with Weiss but once again I found myself turning into a drooling fangirl just watching. I definately squeled once or twice...Anyway, where else are you gonna get weiss-on-weiss action? Don't get too excited, people, we're not talking yaoi territory here, I mean weiss fighting weiss. Anyway, here's megumi-chan's review for the masses :

Ok, let me just say why I love the OAVs:
--Because if confirms Omi's sweetness
--Because it shows Ken and Omi's friendship
--It reveals alot about the way the Weiss members feel about each other
--It introduces...AKIRA HIBANA *commence swooning*
--Schu-schu and Mr. Bradley Crawford!!!
--It confirms what I long suspected--Aya is a dick.
--Very pretty animation
--The ending suggests thats theres more to come *crosses fingers*
--Cuz the Americans are evil
Anyhoo, that's what I liked. I thought it was interesting to see how the boys interacted. Ken and Omi were the real good guys because they went against a mission to do what they thought was the right thing. Omi has complete trust in Yohji and Aya and is so naive as to think that they would help them, and Ken reveals that he never really considered them friends...pretty interesting. And, of course, Aya is a dick the whole way through. You have to be a dick to stab my Omi, even if it was fake.
And Akira!!! He just made the OAVs worth buying!! He is sooooooooooo cool!! The hair! The eyes! The voice! I think I'm love..sorry Omi-kun...believe me people, you will be seeing a lot of Akira on this site!!
Schwarz!!!Those two seconds of Crawford and Schuldich were so cool! Somebody give Schwarz their own series, damnit! I like to believe that Nagi and Farfie were in the backseat of Crawford's car, ya just couldn't see them!

What I didn't like :
--The subtitles were hard to read
--The violence towards Omi
--The fact that the whole thing was fake
--They killed Akira!!!
--No Farfie or Nagi!
The subtitles were red and blurry and horrible. You couldn't read them at all. We had to fiddle with those color, hue, and tracking buttons for quite some time. We ended up watching it in black and white just so that it we squinted just right we could make the words out. But that's the fansubber's fault, not the OAV...
How could anyone even lay a finger on my dear. dear Omi-kun!!! He is just so sweet and good to all of them and Aya just went and stabbed him in the back (somewhat literally) and that is unforgivable. I really, truly hate that eartailed bastard.
Tell me that the end wasn't kind of cheap. They way they were all killed off and suddenly popped up again all, "Hey, we're still alive! We knew your plan all along and this whole episode and the way we treated each other and our deaths were all fake, haha, we sure fooled you!" Not that I want them to die, but it would be a dramatic and good way to end it, them fighting each other to the death. And having Ken win was interesting. But having the whole thing fake sucks, cuz that means that the OAVs didn't reveal anything about their characters or friendships cuz they were faking the whole time...arg!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AKIRA!!! I wish he wasn't really dead. Why couldn't they protect him better if they knew what was really going, huh? Damnit, he was hot!

Anyway, I still really loved them! And everyone should buy a copy! It has megumi-chan's seal of approval!

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