Weiß's Relationships

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What the world needs now...is love, sweet love...it's the only thing, thats there's far too little of...

Miyako-chan : Weiß Kreuz's story lines sometimes seem to resemble a soap opera and so of course, theres a whole bunch of doomed relationships. Well, they're not all doomed, but a large percentage of them are! Anyway heres a big warning :

***The whole relationship will be discussed, beginning to end, so there's MAJOR spoilers here.***

Miyako-chan : Now that that's out of the way...let's get started!

Yohji and Asuka

Yohji and Asuka were together before the formation of Weiß. Yohji used to be a small time private detective and Morase Asuka was his partner. Asuka was bossy, loud, and the one woman that Yohji loved. While working on a investigation involving a prostitution ring they had to make a quick escape. Yohji was injured so he told Asuka to go on ahead of him, and she did, but seconds later, infront of his eyes, she was shot and killed while running away. After that, Yohji never forgets her and gets involved with many women, but nothing serious. He's constantly searching for an Asuka replacement. That would explain why he often is involved with women that resemble Asuka, look-wise as well as personality-wise.

We discover his past with Asuka in the third episode when Yohji has to go back to the prostitution ring for one of Weiß's missons, and helps a young women named Maki attempt to escape from a life as a forced prostitute. They really seem to like each other, and Yohji tells her everything about Asuka, as well as mentioning that she reminds him of her. Ironically enough, Yohji is again injured while escaping and tells Maki to go ahead of him. She's shot down just like Asuka and later beat and killed.

The next woman to remind Yohji of Asuka would be Neu, part of the female assassin group Schreient, enemies of Weiß. Neu is his fighting opponent, and she wears a helmets thing that covers her eyes. Yohji hit and broke part of it, revealing one side of her face and a mole in the same spot Asuka had one. He was intrigued and the next time they fought he got her alone and overpowered her. Just as he pulled her helmet completely off to reveal her face, an explosion disrupted him and soon after Neu was crushed by the collapsing building.

In the second season's first episode, Yohji is back to his detective work, and while walking down the street, he spots Asuka! When he gets to her, it turns out it's another woman named Kyoko who thinks he's trying to pick her up. Anyway, they proceed to get it on (Kyoko sure moves fast) and while Yohji is thinking about Asuka, Neu pops up and tries to kill him, but is scared away by Botan. As it turns out, Kyoko was really Neu, and she didn't die in the building collapse.

After this Yohji is even more convinced that Neu is Asuka, so when they meet again he tries talking to her. She insists that she is only Neu, but her teammates accidentally (although it was probably planned to trick Weiß) RAN HER OVER (nice teammates, eh?) and Weiß takes her in. She claims to have amnesia, and Yohji brings her to many spots that he and Asuka used to go to, to jog her memory. When he takes her to the place she was shot, she remembers him screaming her name. She also tells Yohji she remembers where Schreient is hiding, and Weiß goes there to fight them and get back Aya-chan, who they've kidnapped. When they get there they realize it was a trap when Schreient attacks them, along with Neu. She reveals she was fooling them all along and denies she was ever Asuka. Yohji refuses to believe her as she continues to taunt him, claiming the only one she ever loved was Masafumi. Because she is attacking him and is the enemy, he has no choice but to kill her. Right before she dies she utters "Masafumi...I love you.", a final twist of the knife in Yohji's heart. Really, there's no telling if Neu *really* was Asuka, you never really know for sure. Neu denied it completely, but she did have what seemed like a real memory of when she was shot down as Asuka. Most people accept that she really was Asuka, but has no memory of the time, and some think she was just a a heartless fake. But the world may never know...

Aya and Sakura

Sakura and Aya are kind of odd. He's a 20 year old assassin and she's a 15 year old track star who misses her stolen kidney (hehe). I don't understand what her attraction is to him, but I guess she thinks heis a good person and likes his honest and straight-forward nature. She's pretty open with her feelings for him, but he insists that he doesn't deserve her love and feels nothing for her. He was first interested in her because of her resembelance to his younger sister, and later on she realizes this and tries to increase the resemblance. But either way, they both really seem to care for each other and I guess it works.

Sakura was an unfortunate victim to the age old urban legend about kidney thieves. She woke up in a tub of ice and the phone rang...the voice on the other end informed her to get help because her kidney had been stolen. Of course Weiß is informed of attacks similar to these and they are given a picture of Sakura. Aya is shocked because she looks shockingly similar to his sister, the real Aya-chan. Of course he decides that he should talk to her a bit to get 'information for Weiß,' but of course it's because he wants a substitue for Aya-chan. Anyway, Sakura finds him easy to talk to and tells him about her big track star status, and they race, but she collapses and realizes she might not be able to continue running. Aya 'comforts' her, if that's what you call it. Omi-kun's usual cheering-up-the-sad-girl approach didn't seem to work, I guess she prefers Aya's blunt words over Omi's sugar-coated approach. Meanwhile, Shigen Yokuo, the insane doctor who originally stole Sakura's kidney, receives orders from his boss, Masafumi Takatori, to get a heart from the same person the the kidney came from. Which means, he's going to kill Sakura. While Aya and her are eating ice cream, they kidnap her for the operation. Of course, just in time, Aya busts into the doctor's operation-room-mobile and gets her out of there. Later when Shigen tries to escape via airplane Weiß finishes their mission by assassinating him.

At first I didn't realize that it was her, but in later episodes Sakura pops up now and then to bring Aya gifts at the flowers shop, but he's never there so she tells Momoe-san to give them to him. He never responds to her advances or tries to contact her himself....that is, until the last episode of the first season. Weiß is wanted by Takatori's special forces and they are going for their last mission to assassinate him. Of course he's worried about Aya-chan, so Aya stops by Sakura's house before they start the mission. He gives her the key to Aya-chan's room and asks her to take care of her. Sakura visits the hospital and obviously notices the resemblance.

Anyway, speed up a few episodes, they've killed Takatori, disbanded, and got back together, and now Aya and Omi delivering flowers for a big party and guess who they run into...Sakura! She's working as a backstage assistant at this big concert. She admits she loves him, and he tells her he doesn't deserve love. She also asks if she's just a replacement for Aya-chan, since they look so much alike. Meanwhile, a musician is composing music that drives a large percentage of his listeners insane. He has perfected it so that everyone who hears his new piece will go crazy, and he is premiring it at the concert. Weiß must kill him before he plays, and Aya finds him backstage and does the job, and he turns around to see that Sakura saw the whole thing.

A few episodes later, you discover she has grown her hair long and sometimes wears it in braids so she looks like Aya-chan. She's been thinking about what she saw, and she goes to talk to him, but he isn't there, so she talks to Omi. She tells him what she saw and how she believes that he really is doing it for a good reason because he's a good person. Omi tells her that he's having some trouble with his sister(whose been kidnapped by Schreient, then Schwarz!). Schuldig and Farfarello are watching the shop and see her. Schuldig approaches her and tells her he is Aya's friend and that with her help they can save him. He manipulates her common sense into trusting him and then brings her along to pick up Esset. Of course, Weiß is there to stop them, but Schuldig controls Sakura's mind and forces her to hold a gun to Aya and shoot him. Luckily she has bad aim and it hits his shoulder. She goes for another shot but Yohji knocks the gun out of her hand with his wire. Schwarz takes Sakura and Esset and gets the hell out of there.

Sakura is forced to stay with Schwarz and is helpless against them. Kritiker spies have discovered where Schwarz is keeping Aya-chan and Sakura, but Farfarello kills two of them and Burman narrowly escapes an attack by him. Now everyone has to escape because they know Weiß will show up any minute, Sakura knows how much Aya misses his sister and so she hides her in a closet before she leaves. Once Weiß gets there, everyones gone, but while searching for evidence, they discover Aya-chan. Schuldig beats Sakura up a little when they discover Aya-chan's missing but then he remembers..'Hey, I can read minds!' so he stops smacking her around and reads her mind in about a second and knows Weiß has her. They send Nagi to set up an exchange, Schwarz will give them Sakura for Aya-chan. Aya goes to meet them and Crawford has Sakura, but of course he didn't bring Aya. Crawford laughs and tells him they already succeeded by getting him to leave her alone, Schuldig and company are kidnapping her at that very moment. Sakura tells him to forget about her and go for Aya-chan, but Crawford has some crazed thugs prepared to fight Aya. Once he's done with them, Crawford and Sakura are gone. Meanwhile, Birman and and Omi are guarding Aya-chan, but Farfarello sneaks up behind them and you can imagine what happens next.

Esset begins their ceremony using Aya-chan as a sacrifice to call upon an old ghost because she hasn't aged since she went into a coma. Weiß comes in time and sets off several bombs within the building and in the audience filled with Esset members. They also take care of two of the main members (you know, those three creepy old people), but one slips away from them. They run over to Aya-chan to discover...it's Sakura posing as her!!! Aya asks her why she would sacrifice herself, and she tells him she wanted to do something for him. He thanks her for letting him see his sister again and promises he'll tell her all about himself after they save his sister. He also tells her his name is really Ran, and tells her to call him that. Meanwhile the last Esset member runs to Schwarz for help and sees that they have the real Aya-chan. They inform him that they plan to wake her themselves because they want to kill everyone and be the only ones to survive. His attempts to attack them are futile since they have improved their abilities over time and Farfarello kills him. At that moment Weiß and Sakura enter and a fight ensues. Sakura goes to Aya-chan and Crawford tries to stop her by raises his gun but a gun shoots it out of his hands and you discover that Manx has come as well. She and Sakura carry Aya-chan out as Schwarz and Weiß continue to fight. As they're fighting, the fire started by the bombs is raging and there are huge cracks in the walls and floor from both the Esset leader and Nagi's powers. Because of this, the building suddenly collapses into the sea as Sakura watches in horror on shore. Aya-chan is laying on Manx's lap and due to all the commotion that's happened around her, she wakes up. She's confused about where she is but Sakura takes her hand and tells her she'll tell her all about when she was sleeping and all about Aya. Aya-chan is confused and tells her Aya is her name, and Sakura smiles and says she'll tell her about another Aya who was alive while she was asleep. After that you seen scenes of Aya-chan working with Momoe-san in the shop and Sakura stopping by and helping them. Manx and Burman are watching in a car together, while Tot amuses herself in a flower field. At the very end you see some bad guys cornered by, that's right, Weiß!

After the end, it's safe to assume that all is back to normal. Aya-chan and Sakura seem to have become friends and Sakura had cut her hair again, so I guess she got over her little identity crisis. We don't really know what happens later with Aya-san and Sakura, but if he keeps his word,they probably become close friends, if not more.

Omi and Ouka

Wow, now this is a romance that belongs in a soap opera. Ouka and Omi were pretty much exact opposites. Omi was a friendly and kind boy who worked at the flower shop and was always ready to give a flower to any girl who was going through a hard time, and not with any hidden motives, he just didn't like to see anyone sad(awwwwwww)! While Ouka is a self-described selfish girl, without anyone to call her best friend, who isn't used to not getting what she wants. Ouka was the instigator in their relationship and was definately the one who 'wore the pants in the relationship.' She planned out everything and Omi had no choice but to follow. She no doubt liked how caring (and kawaii!) he was, and he liked the more honest and insecure side of her that she showed him. I think, they really provided comfort to each other, and enjoyed each others company. Ouka had no close friends, and Omi had no real family, and so they had each other. However, while Ouka was open with Omi about all her family problems, he was more secretive. Still, they seemed to be getting along quite well...until Schuldich got involved!

Ouka was always hitting on Omi, but he didn't seem all that interested. While he was working on a mission, she followed him into a club, and they both ended up getting kidnapped. Omi saw another side of Ouka then, they danced and she displayed her kindness by stopping to help another kidnapped person from being killed by hunting dogs even though she was running for her life. She was bit by the dogs and was worried about a scar, but Omi fixed her wound and cheered her up by agreeing to attend a party with her the next week even though he had previously refused to go to. At the party, Omi saved Ouka from maybe being raped by a 'friend' and they kissed but seconds later Schuldich popped up and 'borrowed' Omi. He got away but Ouka was still suspicious. After that, they went out several times and he even met her mom. Omi was all ready to meet her father as well, who Ouka had been reunited with recently and was close to, but Schuldich interferred. A master at maninipulating minds, he warned Omi that he would tell Okua that he was an assassin who killed his own brothers. Instead, he informed Ouka that Omi was also her father's, Takatori Reiji, son, meaning they're siblings. This, unfortunately, was also true! Ouka, obviously shaken by the news, avoided Omi until Schuldich kidnapped her and told Omi that it was Weiß that had done so. He told Weiß that Omi was a spy for Takatori and had them all meet in the park. Omi and the rest of Weiß worked it out and while they fought with Schuldich and Farfarello, Omi untied Ouka. She told him they were siblings to his surprise, but they decided it didn't matter, because being siblings was good enough, as long as they were together. Then, one of Schuldich's (actually, it might have been Farfarello..) bullets hit Ouka, killing her. That was the tragic end to their relationship, and Omi always keeps her memory in his mind after that.

Nagi and Tot

How cute are these two! Nagi is from the evil assassin group Schwarz, and Tot is from the female assissan group Schreient. Both groups work for Esset, but at first Esset had Schwarz working for Takatori Reiji, and Schreient worked for his son Masafumi. Masafumi had been a little careless in letting some of his experiments escape and Takatori was getting tired of his slip ups. The first time we see Nagi and Tot together is when Takatori calls a meeting with Masafumi and both assassin groups are present. He warns him not make any mistakes, which leaves Masafumi annoyed. As Schwarz is leaving with Takatori, Nagi notes that Masafumi is interesting to him, because he gathered the women of Schreient together to try and imitate them. Schuldig quickly laughs at the idea of those women being anything like them. Farfarello sums it up by simply stating 'Schreient is just a bunch of puppets.' Later on Tot is enjoying herself outside in a pretty field, admiring the beauty. Nagi is watching and a large gust of wind knocks Tot's umbrella out of her hand and it flies off. As she she runs after it, it flies right into Nagi's hand. He gives it back to her and she happily asks who he is. He tells her his name is Naoe Nagi, which she suddenly recognizes and goes into defense mode. She pops the spike out of her umbrella and points it threateningly at him while informing him she won't forgive anyone who makes fun of her Papa (Masafumi). Nagi simply replies "Can you see me like that?" She lowers her umbrella and makes a little noise that sounds like a sad 'aw!' and says...'no'...Nagi then tells her that he came there specifically to see her, because she's 'such a different person.' He asks if she's lonely all by herself, she seems a little confused and tells him that she isn't alone because she has the rest of Schreient and her papa. She also tells him Masafumi sin't her real father, and angrily mentions her real father is a bad man and she hates him, then looks sad. Nagi quickly extends his hand and uses his telekinesis to cause cherry blossoms to swirl all around Tot, delighting her and making her forget why she was sad. Then someone calls out to Tot informing her it's time for dinner and she gets even more excited ('Hai!!!!') and runs off to eat. Nagi watches her run off and the cherry blossoms start to fall lightly again. Schuldig and Farfarello emerge from the forest were they were watching and an amused Schuldig asks Nagi if he loves her. Nagi is visibly not happy to see them and curtly asks what the hell they want. Farfarello bluntly reminds him that they will have to kill Schreient if they get the order to. Shortly after Schreient had a big faceoff with Weiß while Masafumi turns himself into a monster. They continue to protect him after he changes, but he pretty much betrays them by saying only he can go into 'his world' and throws Pel into the fire. The building is now falling apart and collapses on the other girls, leaving the viewer with the a pretty good idea that they're dead. Nagi and the rest of Schwarz watch from an above cliff.

In the next season, the Weiß boys keep getting glimpses of of what looks like the Schreient women, and Aya-chan has been kidnapped. It does, infact turn out that they are still alve, and after a couple of run ins, Yohji becomes pretty insistant that Neu is Asuka. While she's running away, Chen is making fun of Yohji and laughs, "Asuka, Asuka! That man is stupid!" Tot responds in a dreamy voice, "But there's something wonderful about it..." Then she has a flashback of when the building collapsed on her and she's whimpering and buried underneath the rubble. Suddenly Nagi walks over and quietly tells her, "I'll save you." He concentrates for a second, and then the block of concrete on top of her breaks apart and frees her. Her little flashback ends and she repeats his words to herself, "I'll save you," and then giggles and hugs her Rabbi-chan. Soon after, Yohji is forced to kill Asuka/ Neu and that leaves the other girls very upset. It's revealed that it was them who kidnapped Aya-chan, and they see her as their last card against Weiß. They want revenge for Neu and Masafumi, who is still part monster, and his boby is being kept alive in a big liquid-filled glass container. While Tot is having fun dancing around Aya-chan, Chen and Pel bitterly discuss their hatred for Weiß. This suddenly reminds Tot that Neu is gone and she runs out of the house in tears. Just as she's going down the stairs, Schwarz is entering and as she runs out the door Nagi watches her with a worried look and then runs after her. Schuldig is a bit confused but Crawford tells them to forget it. They are there because Esset has requested them to get Aya-chan for their use. Pel and Chen refuse angrily and Crawford restrains Farfarello from killing them, and smiles evilly and tells them that they accept their refusal and they must stick together and he will help them against Weiß. Meanwhile, Tot is in the flower field, where I suppose she goes whenever she wants to be alone, crying to herself. She picks up her Rabbi-chan and moves it around and pretends to make it talk, asking her why she's so upset. Tot confides in Rabbi-chan that she's sad because Neu is dead. While she's crying, Nagi watches from behind a tree. He knows how to get her happy again, so he raises his hand and a wind picks up and blows dandelions all around Tot. She does enjoy it until the wind starts to blow her skirt up (just try and tell me that wasn't intentional, Nagi you little ecchi!) and she has to do a little Marilyn Monroe-esque pose and hold her skirt down. He stops the wind and she looks over and he says her name. He walks over to her and gets to the point by asking her to leave Schreient because he thinks Weiß might kill her. She sadly mentions what they did to her 'Papa' and Nagi is briefly confused until he realizes she's talking about Masafumi. She's even sadder when she mentions they killed Neu as well, but she gets an idea in her head and excitedly asks Nagi is Neu can be brought back to life. Nagi tells her there's nothing he can do and seems to feel bad about that. Tot starts crying again and runs away as she tells him to just leave her alone then. Nagi sadly watches her leave and remarks to himself "Then...even I would die." Now this last comment he makes is a bit of a mystery. He could mean that if he left her alone and couldn't be with her, even he, a member of the unkillable Schwarz, would die. I also think it might mean, because of what happens at the end of this episode, that maybe he actually does have the ability to bring back the dead, but it was so powerful that if he was to do so, it would most likely kill him.

Later that episode, Pel has contacted Weiß and informed them they have Aya-chan, and if they want her, they should come get her. So...they do. They're sneaking around, trying to get past the traps set for them around the Schreient mansion. Pel and Chen are watching them on security cameras and Pel realizes Tot is missing. Chen doesn't know where she is either. Outside, Weiß decides to split up and as Yohji is moving he hears Nagi's voice telling Tot to listen to him and he stops. He sees Nagi and Tot having a conversation in the woods. Nagi is warning her that Schreient is being used by Crawford and it's too dangerous for her to fight so she has to get out of there. A confused Tot inquires why he's so worried about her and Nagi blushes before mumbling that he doesn't want her to die, then saying it again, louder this time. Tot is surprised by his answer and it's her to turn to blush and thank him before closes her eyes and waits for a kiss. Nagi leans in to kiss her, but they end up bumping heads instead. She covers her face and he worriedly asks if she's alright. She blushes and giggles before pulling him into a kiss. He's a little surprised and he starts blushing again as they continue to kiss. Yohji is still watching and he glances to the ground with sad eyes, no doubt because he just recently had to kill the love of his life, Neu/Asuka. When Nagi and Tot pull apart she tells him that it's not a good time and they'll live together (awww!) after she and the rest of Schreient have their revenge. Once again, she blushes, and runs off before he can stop her. He calls out and runs after her. As he's following her down towards the mansion Crawford jumps in front of him and slaps him across the face. Nagi doesn't protest or do anything back and Crawford tells him not to interfer because at the moment Schreient is on fire with Weiß and reminds him that Schwarz has an image to uphold. He also brings up Nagi's bad childhood and his desire to punish society for what they did to him. Still, Nagi says to himself in a distressed voice, "But I don't want to let that girl die!" So, he follows Tot anyway, but he remains hidden as Aya and Schreient exchange words. He watches and pleadingly whispers "No Toto, don't fight!" Well, they start beating Aya up and Omi, Ken, and Yohji come in and they all start fighting to Nagi's dismay. Yohji knocks Tot's umbrella out of her hand and she's weaponless as she clutches her injured hand. Yohji is about to go in for the kill when Nagi jumps out and grabs Tot and falls on the ground on top of her. He desperatly pleades with her, "Don't fight, don't fight!" Yohji sakes his head and mutters, "Those two.." While they're on the floor, Chen discovers Schwarz is busy stealing Aya-chan away from them. Farfarello throws his knife into the glass container Masafumi is in, spilling the contents to Chen's horror. Crawford lets her know that they have no use for Schreient anymore and they are no longer strong enough to be a threat to Weiß, and he shoots her. Nagi and Tot hold on to each other and watch the dismal scene around them. Pel clutches Masafumi's boby to hers. Tot's mourning is broken by the realization that Schuldig has Aya-chan. Tot runs over to her and the rest of Schwarz yelling for them to give her back as Nagi yells after her. Farfarello stands in the way of Tot and Schuldig(who is carrying Aya-chen) and yells that she's in the way before throwing his knife into Tot's chest. A horrorified Nagi watches as Tot falls to the floor. He picks her up and sadly says her name. She's crying and sadly tells him, "Nagi-kun, we didn't get to live together..." Then Tot closes her eyes and dies. Nagi starts screaming as he clutches Tot to him and he begins to glow and causes the building to start collapsing. Schwarz knows what's coming and they get the hell out of there, but Weiß doesn't get out. Nagi lifts his head up and screams again, before standing up and quietly telling Tot, "Toto...Toto. Sorry, Toto. I couldn't protect you Toto." He kisses her one last time and the light he's emitting spreads thoughout the mansion and shoots up into the sky. A helicopter carrying the rest of Schwarz and Aya-chan flys away and below it the mansion and entire area around it is completely destroyed. A dirty Rabbi-chan is shown underneath the destruction and it begins to rain as Weiß climb out from underneath the rubble. They speak about Schreient's undying love for Masafumi while Yohji leans over Tot and Nagi who are buried under the wreckage, lying next to each other. He sadly looks at them and says, "This guy tried everything to save her. The same way I tried to save Noi, no, Asuka." He puts their hands together and they exit. Lightning flashes and a figure stands up from the wreckage. The lightning flashes again to reveal the tired and emotionless face of Tot. Here's why I think that Nagi might have meant earlier (When he mentioned to himself, "Then...even I would die.") that he actually could bring back the dead, but it was dangerous to him and might very well kill him. Really, I thought she died when Farfarello killed her when he stabbed her, and maybe Nagi did revive her, which left him unconcious and near death. But we don't really know, do we?

In the last episode, it's discovered that Nagi did survive, and in the very end the building Schwarz and Weiß were in collapsed in the water and it's not truly known who lived. I'd like to assume that since apparently Weiß survived, the superior Schwarz guys must have (right?)! The end also shows Tot enjoying herself holding a wreath of flowers (maybe Nagi made it for her?..) in the flower field. So we don't know if they end up living together or anything, but at least they're both alive.

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