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Weiß Links

::Bows down to Melody:: Pretty much any screencaps you see on peoples Weiß pages (including this one!) are from her. I am so grateful that she's so genorous ^_^! I also found Sachi's Distribution through her site, and that's where I buy all my Weiß videos from! She has a great site! You *must* go there or I'll get Omi and his killer darts on your ass, and we both know...Omi-kun rarely misses!

Another great site! They have...MANGA TRANSLATIONS!!! Scans of every page plus the english translations right next to the pretty pictures for 'An Assassin and a White Shaman.' You gotta go here!

*Drool* A very, berry kawaii site devoted to the lovely Omi-kun! I like it, my fave Omi-kun is the guide to the site! I love it ^_^

"Lethal Umbrella," aka the first ever site devoted solely to the one and only Tot! Another kawaii site, you really should go there! I love the name! It has some mentions about the rest of Schreient as well as analyzing Tot's wardrobe and a big section devoted to Tot and Nagi (awww)!

This is one of the first Weiß sites that convinced me to get the show! It has a really nice layout and it's worth taking a look!

Like you can ever get enough of my Omi-kun! Awwww this site, 'Omi's Place' so kawaii! If you're an Omi fan you'll find some original stuff there that you'll like!

OoOOoOo Nagi site! Big Nagi site! Big pretty Nagi Site! Me like! You go there now!!! *g* I really love the layout, and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I really do love Nagi.

Waiii!!! Ken fan site!! Oh, he's such an all American boy type but,errr, in a Japanese way o_O...ANYWAY...big shrine to our fave soccer playing assassin.

Don't ask me why this webmistress, Lily, would ask me for help because...just look at her page!!! It's awesome!!! It's called Vengeance of Weiss (I love all the chibi .gifs on the main page) and you have to check it out....kaaaawaaaiiii!!!

Home of the Farfiechu! Go there, go there now! Read 'Dear Jei,' I've never laughed so hard in my life. Go to their Killopossum site too, me like!

Jade Eyes Well, I didn't see any banners or buttons to use to link here, but I probably wasn't looking hard enough. It's a really in depth and very pretty Yohji site...why, you ask? Cuz...we know we all really love Yohji. We're just playing hard to get...it more fun that way ^_~

The WWW (We Want Weiss) Campaign A campaign to get Weiß to the US! I don't know about you, but I'll be kinda upset if it happens because I already paid for my fansubs and then some company will professionally dub/sub it and they'll have pretty covers and I'll want to buy them for those pretty covers, and waste even more money! But I still would like to see it in the US so I signed and you should too ^_^

Weiß: Florists By Day, Assasins By Night A funny little site devoted to those lovable Weiß boys! More than just the basic stuff, for example, ever wondered what Aya would look like *gasp* WITH A TAN!!! You can find out at this site...if you dare!^

Anime Web Turnpike: Weiss Kreuz Links Anipike's list of Weiß sites!

AnimeArt: Weiß Kreuz They have a bunch of screencaps as well as scans(with their logo on it).
Anime-related Sites

If you aren't familiar with this site, you either don't know a lot about anime, or you don't know a lot about the internet! They call themselves the 'number one guide to the anime and manga internet world', and you know what? They're right!

100 Most Essential Words In Anime This site defines a bunch of Japanese terms that are often used in anime. If you ever wondered..."WTF is an Otaku anyway?' or something like that, you should check this site out!

Usenet Manga Glossary Another site like the one above, but they tell you what each blood type means, it's kinda like horoscopes!

Sachi's Distribution A *great* place to buy your fansubs, especially Weiß cuz they're all in the As, and her tapes always arrive exactly one week after I send in my money order! That's very good for a fansub! \

Muraki Fansubs! Say it with me people...WEIß OAVS! Oh yeah, you can find them here baby!

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