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The Ancient Middle East

The Ancient Middle East was the beginnings of all civilization in the western world.  The word civilization infers the existance of cities.  Here, amidst the desert sands, are found the worlds oldest monuments.  The Ziggurats of Ur are similar to the great pyramids of Egypt.  To the left we see the original grand staircase to the gods, as well as a possible receptical for grain production.  The two ideas of providing sustenence for humanity meld as one.
The Middle East is a cradle of civilization that began the process of modernization we see today.  Together, in harsh conditions, people bonded to undertake bigger and more elaborate projects.  This process of teamwork led to an unselfish sharing of some duties as well as the rewards to be reaped.  The cooperation and planning for building projects as well as the maintenence of irrigation canals created the world's first primitive governments and the world's first advanced governments.  The study of the ancients of the ancients is sure to dig at the roots of mankind's existence and beliefs.
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