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Whole Earth Kirtan

Spiritual Chants from Everywhere

"Whole Earth Kirtan" is a chant and world music ensemble composed of
Larry Carter and various combinations of friends.
We present chants from a variety of spiritual paths. For example...

Life is in all forms. Love is in all beings - Sufi

We are a circle within a circle with no beginning. Never ending. - Pagan

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
(I bow to the One who lives in the heart of all.)
- Hindu

Open my heart, what do I find? I find beauty and beauty finds me. - Original


Chanting by Lamplight
(Larry solo) January 13th, Merkaba Wellness Center, downtown Lawrence

Chanting by Lamplight
(Larry solo) December 9th, Merkaba Wellness Center, downtown Lawrence

Lawrence Bhakti Festival
October 20th, Westside Yoga Studio, Lawrence

My current project is recording my version of the ancient Indian epic
"The Ramayana" with original narrative, kirtan chants and songs. As depicted
in this painting, The Ramayana is the timely story of how human greed in the
form of the demon Ravana was defeated in a great battle by the warrior Rama,
his brave wife Sita, the monkey god Hanuman, Rama's little brother Lakshmana,
and an army of enlightened monkeys and bears. The lessons are for our times.

Is there no end to human greed?

Chanting by Lamplight
December 9th, Merkaba Wellness Center, downtown Lawrence, Kansas

Current & Former Guests & Members


Larry Carter

with various
of friends.

Larry Carter
Guitar, Vocals

Clark Jamison

Holly Taylor
Vocals, Keyboards

Amory Caetanya
Violin, Oud, Dumbek

Laura Ramberg
Native drum, Vocals

Alison Dishinger
Bass, Didgeridoo


Cordelia Brown

Grace (Nancy) Way

Gwyneth Whistlewood

Yeshe Chodron

Teri Lynn (Satya)
Vocals, Djembe

Sandy Griffin
12-string Guitar
Harmonium, Big Hair

Malika Lyon
Mandolin, Percussion

Special Guests:

Allaudin Ottinger

Paul Rudy

Cindy Novelo
Vocals, 5-string viola

Gerald Trimble
Viola da gamba

Lana Maree

John Mark Aladeen


Whole Earth Kirtan

"Greenman Chant" by Ari Summerland
Obiji Yoga Studio - John Mark Aladeen, Laura Ramberg, Larry & Clark

"Enter," "Ganesha Chant" and "Om Namo Bhagavate"
Lawrence Bhakti Fest 2014 - Malika, Clark, Larry, Grace, Nancia & Ari

Non-traditional Kirtan
How far from tradition is TOO far? A proposal...
by Larry Carter

Originally published in Evolving Magazine, December, 2012

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