Concert Schedule, Spring 2019

March 5 - Bob Freeman - Singer Songwriter

March 12 - Beyond the Heather – Irish band

March 19 – Lisa Harris & Rick Frydman
Originals & Americana

March 26 – Bopaphonics – Originals

April 2 - Boys of the Prairie – Celtic tunes

April 9 – StarSister Revival
Americana & originals

April 16 - Kind Soul - Soul Jazz

April 23 – Folk in the Flow - Originals

April 30 – LAC not available

May 7 - LAC not available

May 14 – Gerald Trimble & Jambaroque- World music

May 21 – Michael Paul, Scott Tichenor & Michael Stephenson
I have no idea what they'll do, but it will be terrific

May 28 – 9th Annual Bob Dylan Fest
Dylan songs by the usual bunch of suspects. This will be
our spring fundraiser for the Lawrence Arts Center.

Art by Howard Rains of Spencer & Rains


Starting our 15th Year
One-hour concerts by Lawrence acoustic musicians

Lawrence Arts Center

7:30 SHARP to 8:30ish - Tip Jar

One-song opening by host & producer
Larry Carter

Tuesday Concert is another
Lawrence Old Guard Production

Spring 2019 Concert Schedule

March 5 - Bob Freeman - Singer/songwriter

Bob is new to this series, but he has played in Lawrence for over 30 yrs in various bands, duets or solo. He has regular gigs at Gaslight Gardens and S&S Coffee House & Pub. Check out his sound and other details about his music on his Facebook page HERE.

March 12th - Beyond the Heather - Irish Band

Get your Irish on! As a special Pre-St Patrick's Day treat, I am very pleased to welcome this 5-piece Irish band back to the series. Expect to hear rousing pub songs, merry dance tunes, soulful ballads, haunting airs, and more. Members are Jeff Smith (guitar, keyboard, whistle, bodhran), Paula Ryan (guitar, vocals), whistle), Mark Fricke (bass), Allie Ryan (fiddle) and Lee Likins (flute, whistle). Check out their Facebook page HERE for more details about the band.

March 19 - Rick Frydman & Lisa Harris - Americana & Originals

Rick Frydman & Lisa Harris will be performing all the songs off their debut CD, "So Long Facebook," along with a few others that they pull out of their folk/bluegrass songbook. They played through a blizzard at their first CD release party in February, and the weather wasn't all that great for their second attempt, so we are hopeful the weather will cooperate this time. Both have been performing in the Lawrence area for many years, so expect a polished performance featuring excellent vocals.

March 26 - Bopaphonics - Original music & spoken word

The Bopaphonics are a spoken word and rhythm band that mix storytelling lyrics with blues, rock, jazz & Eastern rhythms. They are perhaps best known for adapting Langston Hughes poems into a collection of songs. The Bops have formally released two CDs and a number of election year singles available for free internet downloads.The current trio edition of the Bopaphonics features Roger Holden on guitar, Clark Jamison on percussion, and Robert Baker on sax and vocals. HERE is a fun video by the band from a while back.

April 2 - Boys of the Prairie

This excellent Celtic band has been performing with various member changes since 1987, but this is their first time in this series. Frank Shopen (fiddle/cittern), Randy Brown (guitar/mandocello), Tony Silvestri (concertina) and newest member Eric Ryan (flute/whistle) play traditional, instrumental tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and beyond. In case you don't know, the Lawrence Irish Session, (Sundays, 5:30, Henry's Coffee Shop, downtown Lawrence) is making quite a name for itself. These talented lads will show you how it's done. See their Facebook page HERE for details about the band.

April 9 - StarSister Revival - Original & world music

StarSister Revival is another band that is new to this series, although they have been performing frequently at festivals, spiritual gatherings, and churches in this area. Lana Maree Haas, Kim Lybarger and Holly Taylor perform original and sacred world folk music with three part harmonies, guitar, percussion and singing bowl accompaniment. Ever expansive as the soul journey, StarSister Revival’s music traverses the interconnected web of life. This concert will feature heavenly harmonies that you won't want to miss. See their Facebook page HERE for more information.

April 16 - Kind Soul - Soul Jazz

Kind Soul is the duo of Bradford Hoopes on keyboard and some percussion, and Tim O'Brien on upright bass. As Tim explained it, "We play funky, groovy, dancey, trancey jazz, mostly of the soul jazz description, meaning tunes from Bobby Timmons, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, the Grateful Dead, et al., and add our own improvisational spin, hoping to draw upon the spiritual powers of ancient ancestors." They were a big hit the last time they played in the series. HERE is a video clip from a recent performance. /blockquote>

April 23 - Folk in the Flow - Originals, contemporary folk

Folk in the Flow, the Lawrence duo of Holly Taylor and Buck Brandt, have performed extensively in Kansas City, Wichita and Lawrence, and it is a pleasure to welcome them back to this series. Featuring original songs and flowing harmonies, these multi-instrumentalists describe their music as creating "an inviting atmosphere of harmonic resonance for body, mind and soul to enjoy." See their Facebook page HERE for band information.

April 30 - Lawrence Arts Center not available

May 7 - Lawrence Arts Center not available

May 14 - Gerald Trimble and Jambaroque - Timeless Music on Ancient Instruments

Gerald's band is one of the most popular concerts in this series, and it is always a pleasure to welcome them back to Lawrence from Kansas City. They will be presenting new and traditional music at the crossroads of baroque, jazz and Eastern traditions, performed on rare and ancient instruments. The band consists of Gerald Trimble - viola da gamba, Lawrence's Clark Jamison - percussion, Serdar Tuncten - percussion, Angela Carmack - violoncello, and Rick Diamond - double bass.

May 21 - Michael Paul, Scott Tichenor & Michael Stephenson - Who knows???

What do you get when you combine Michael Stephenson (I assume bass or guitar), Scott Tichenor (mandolin) and Michael Paull (I assume guitar or piano or bass) in a trio? I have no idea, but given the quality of their musicianship, I know I'm already impressed.

May 28 - 9th Annual Bob Dylan Fest - STARTING 7:00 instead of 7:30

Join Rick Frydman and Lisa Harris, Easy G & the Blue Notes (Greg Pelligreen, Mary Conn, Ross Black), Alonzo Beardshear (perhaps with Ross Black & Greg Pelligreen) ,The Bopaphonics (Robert Baker & Roger Holden), John Bode (with Matt Dollar & Doug Beyers), David Ludwick (with Bianca Storlazz, Mick Palmer, Ross Black & Greg Allen), and Larry Carter as we honor Dylan’s incredible legacy.

This is our semi-annual benefit for the Lawrence Arts Center. This series has never been an official LAC event, but they graciously let me use their lobby for free. In exchange, tonight's musicians have agreed that all proceeds from the tip jar will go to the LAC to express our appreciation for their support.

Please Thank Our Sponsors

Beautiful Music Violin Shop

Mandolin Cafe

Lawrence Arts Center

This series has never been a Lawrence Arts Center event. They are showing their support for local musicians by generously letting me use the lobby for free.

Mass Street Music

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Tuesday Concert is Number 5

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Mission Statement
“None of us succeeds alone, and there’s room enough for all of us out there. You don’t have to love each other’s music. But if you respect each other’s hard work and dedication to the craft, lend a hand and support one another... Come together and help one another succeed!” Anonymous

About FREE Admission

Yes, admission is free. However... thanks to the generosity of our sponsors in covering expenses, 100% of the tip jar goes directly to the evening's artists. There has been a rennaisance in acoustic music in Lawrence over the 14 years of this series, and I'd like to think having this series where audience members listen intently without distractions has been a large part of the reason why. As you are able, a generous donation, purchase of a CD, or both, will encourage them to continue making excellent music.

About the Series

As Lawrence Old Guard Productions I created the Tuesday Concert Series in 2005 with the goal of providing a classy, low-pressure venue for local acoustic musicians. It was held at Signs of Life bookstore in downtown Lawrence until moving as a "guest production" to the Lawrence Arts Center in the fall of 2010. In appreciation, we do two fund raiser events a year for the Lawrence Arts Center, Dylan Fest in the spring and Ukulele Fest in the fall.

As always, my thanks to Clay and staff at Signs of Life , the staff at the Lawrence Arts Center, JJ and staff at Beautiful Music Violin Shop, Scott at Mandolin Cafe, and Jim and staff at Mass Street Music for SUPPORTING LOCAL MUSICIANS!

About the Host
Larry Carter is a four-time champion in the Kansas Fiddling & Picking Contest between 1989 and 2010. In addition to solo performances, he does original children's music/storytelling, contemporary folk with Cordelia Brown in Forest Green and spiritual chanting with Whole Earth Kirtan. As "Lawrence Old Guard Productions," he produces this series (including "Ukulele Fest" in fall and "Dylan Fest" in spring), the monthly Chanting by Lamplight series, and the annual Lawrence Bhakti Fest.

Previous "Tuesday Concert" Performers
Lawrence is blessed with an abundance of outstanding musicians who have graced this series with their talents, including Ashley Davis (left) who set the record for the most audience members. See who has performed over the last 12 years at Tuesday Concert.


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