St Patrick's Day, 2000, O'Dowds on the Plaza

Nine Mile Burn

"Nine Mile Burn" evolved from various duets and trios under other names from as early as 1989. When I joined on electric bass in 1998, other members were Rebecca Pringle on fiddle; Gordan Bearss on electric guitar, cittern and mandolin; Denise Reid-Shoaff on cittern and mandolin; and Lynette Gregg our frequent guest on bodhran. Denise, Gordon, Becky and I decided on the name "Nine Mile Burn" in 1998, named after a small town near Edinburgh, Scotland that three of us happened to have visited.

Becky continued the band with Bill Banks after Denise and Gordan eventually moved on and were replaced. The band was discontinued after Becky died in 2013.

Nine Mile Burn was a fun band with a good sound. For one set Denise might be providing a solid cittern rhythm that allowed Gordon's electric guitar and my electric bass to explore melodic counter-parts off of Becky's blazing fiddling; in the next set Denise and Gordon might start a French "bourrée" (dance tune) on mandolins, then Becky, Lynette and I would join in as it moved to a rousing Irish jig or reel.

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