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Here are som interview´s with Anna, I´ll try to update this page as soon as I find some new things on Anna.

Wimbledon 97 - After Anna lost to Miss M. Hingis.
Wimbledon 97 - After Anna beated Miss I. Majoli.
Wimbledon 97 - After Anna beated Miss H. Sukova.
Wimbledon 97 - After Anna beated Miss C. Rubin.
At U.S. Open -97.
At U.S. Open 8/29/96.
At U.S. Open 8/31/96.
At U.S. Open 9/02/96.
At French Open 5/29/97.
At French Open 5/31/97.
At Lipton Chamionships - Anna def. Seles.
At Lipton Chamionships - Anna def. Sanchez.
At Lipton Chamionships - Anna lost to Williams.
Look at this interview made after Anna´s First Round win in the French Open -98. (Download RealPlayer)
This interview was made after the Second Round win in Paris.
This interview was made after Anna´s third round win of the French Open -98.
This interview was made after Anna´s fourth round loss in Paris.
An interview made with Anna after her withdrawing from the Wimbledon.
This interview is done after Annas first round win of the US Open -98.

Here are some articles on Anna, it´s the same here, I´ll update this as soon as possible.

Kournikova tops Sanchez Vicario at Open.
Kournikova upsets Huber at Wimbledon.
Kournikova tales French Open spotlight
Kournikona could future of women´s tennis.
Tennis- Teen Kournikova stays a live at Open.
Kournikova likes the attention.
Kournikova: Part Phenom, Part Press Agent´s Dream.
Martina pips Anna - Australian Open -98.
Kournikova keep on winning.
Kournikova beats Lucic in Lipton's battle of 16-year-olds.
Youth movement: Williams and Kournikova in Lipton final.
An all-teen final at Lipton: Venus vs. Anna.
Kournikova stuns Hingis at German Open.
Kournikova upset in German Open semis.
Kournikova Fights Off Crowd Favorite: French Open 1998.
Kournikova Powers Her Way Into Third Round: French Open 1998.
WTA smells like teen spirit.
Kournikova Double-Bagels Carlsson: French Open 1998.
Novotna Uses Veteran's Guile to Down Kournikova: French Open 1998.
Restroom dispute highlights Anna's loss : French Open 1998.
Kournikova´s Out - Anna can´t play in the Wimbledon -98.

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