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Pictures while building the bronco

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Showing off the new paint and brake lines ... Transfer case Adapter from Advanced Adapters ... As the body sits in my garage at home

Power steering line and HD Saginaw pump ... Transfer case mounted to the tranny w/ modified crossmember... Fuel lines running to and from the motor

High pressure fuel pump and filter, note the return line ... Yes everything here is new as well ... This is just after I pulled the frame off the body
This is how I modified the crossmember. I would recommend having a piece of tubing made to fit, it will make installation much easier

Left Over Parts (FREE):
3" Springs front and rear (used)
Dust shields for chevy disc brakes
Dual Exhaust
'71 tie rods
Front Fenders
3 spd Tranny
Tube bumpers $20 each
I figured if you made it this far into the web page you deserve something!!