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1971 Bronco Build Up

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This is the motor for the '71(pictured left),it is a 5.0 feul injected motor that was donated by a 1991 Mustang GT. The transmission is an AOD with the advanced adapter for the transfercase(pictured left also).

The Bronco came stock with a dana 30 with drum brakes, this dana 44 with disc brakes is being reworked to take its place. New U-joints, wheel bearings, seals, and brakes will be installed before bolting it on. The 9-inch carries 3.50 gears with posi trac, new bearings and seals have already been installed. New brakes are also in line for the rear.

This orange will be the color of the entire vehicle except for the top, which will be black. After the exhaustive paint job on my first bronco, I decided to leave this one to the professionals,so everthing that is not painted here will be done by a shop. The plan is for a simple base,top,clear coat finish. The body on the underside needs to be undercoated where I have welded to protect against the rust. After that, only the insides need to rebolted in, with the help of Jeff's Bronco Graveyard's new bolt kit, to finish up the mechanical for the body. Plans for the interior include custom carpet, new seats, tilt steering, and an Alpine CD player to help modernize the bronco.

The bottom 4"-5" of the body were trimmed for rock crawling. The rear corner post were welded on as well as new rocker pannels. Some of the lower panels I custom made to match the original look of the Bronco.(see the grey section at the front of the wheel well in the picture below) I welded the bottom of the door post into the rocker panel and sealed the rear side of the rocker panel to try and discourage rust from restarting.

These are the new 11-leaf National Springs. The ride and flexibility qualities of the spring are supposed to be much more desirable than stock leafs. So far I am impressed. The picture to the right is a comparision of the stock and the new leaf springs, big difference! New rubber bushing were pressed into the shackle, to allow for more axle articulation than polyurethene.