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Feller College, Grande Ligne

Military Connections

WWII POW internment camp, 1943 - 1946

RCSCC Fort Lennox, Sea Cadets, 1959 - 1964

RCACC Fort Lennox,  Army Cadets, 1964 - 1967

RCA(R), Militia, 1964 - 1967?



These pages result from a project initiated and pursued with considerable dedication by Andy McCullough.  Suggestions or comments concerning any errors or omissions, or better yet additional contributions, should be sent to him at  

I produced the POW page but other than that I am working with Andy primarily as a consultant on web-related matters.  I believe that his efforts to provide a semi-official and at least partially documented history of these important, albeit short-lived, aspects of Feller life are a noble and important endeavor.   Thus, I am, at great personal expense (0$), providing a home for his compilations because I recognize the value of collecting all of the widely dispersed material concerning this topic in a single place in a more cosmetically pleasing and readable format.  I also hope that this collection may serve as an example of what others, including myself, could be doing to preserve Feller history in a way that is more rigourous than the anecdotal personal histories in my other pages, and elsewhere.  

Given the passage of time and the absence of Feller as a current day entity, I note that this is unavoidably an incomplete and only semi-accurate record. Anyone who seeks perfection is urged to provide us with any information they have, or offer to help us do some research.  Suggestions for minor corrections may be sent directly to (dgf - 10/17/03).

The Photo Galleries linked to the RSCC Fort Lennox index are incomplete.  Attempts are underway to improve the image quality of many of the pictures on the MSN site.  

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