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When everybody returned to Feller after the 1963 Christmas Holiday break, an opportunity was presented for senior (age 17 and older) male students to join a Militia Regiment that paraded in a hanger at the Royal Canadian Air Force Station Saint Jean. 

Transportation was provided from and back to Feller by truck. The advantages for these students were that, unlike Sea Cadets initially and then Army Cadets, the students got away from the school each week for a few hours, they received financial remuneration for their time, and they would be offered the opportunity of paid summer employment with the Army.

The Regiment with which they paraded was the
“A” Squadron, Royal Canadian Hussars.  This was a detachment of the main Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Regiment, the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal).  This regiment was the one that, on 01 October 1964, became the sponsor of Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Fort Lennox.

This unit came into being with the amalgamation of two famous Montreal regiments of cavalry, the 6th Duke of Connaught's Royal Canadian Hussars, R.C.A.C., and the 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars, R.C.A.C. which became effective September 15th, 1958. The amalgamated regiment of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps was designated the "Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal)" and perpetuates one of the two oldest units of Volunteer Cavalry in Canada, the Montreal Cavalry from which both the amalgamated regiments trace their descent.

For a more detailed outline of the Regimental History, please see:

Note:  The above is suggested as a very brief chronicle of the involvement of Feller students with the local Militia unit while they still attended Feller.  It was prepared using the extremely limited information made available by some Feller Alumni.  If anybody has any corrections to this sketchy material, or can supply additional information including the names of some of the participating students or other pertinent data, it would be very much appreciated if they could contact Andy McCullough at: