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Last updated: Oct 4, 2004 at 5:34 AM Central Time***

This is Ulillillia City where you can find plenty of reports, useful tips and tricks, interesting stories, and more!

Notice: my website has moved to Ulillillia City has about 20 useful tips and tricks, with many math helpers and challenges included, 10+ free games you can make and play with common household materials like dice and marbles, some having many versions of play, and plenty of stories to read either of my weird dreams or those I did in school. Ulillillia City is jam-packed with something for everyone. Enjoy your stay to the latest version of my site, version 5.0.1.

To learn the exact layout and design of my site, it is recommended that you start with the basic design of my site and how it's organized from page to page. To start viewing the main contents right away, the links are below.

My site, even over a somewhat slow 56K dial-up connection, loads very quickly. Click a link, and in the matter of just one second over a 56K connection, you're already seeing the text of the new document that was linked. The reason for the speed is because I don't have all that complicated scripting that many sites have.

News**: [feature added for long items: better spacing between subjects of a date]

Oct 4, 2004: I just had another mud dream, even though I didn't have one for several months. I've also added two other dreams I was able to recall, even the one with the Indian guy. I've written the story for this dream, viewable here. This is probably going to be the last addition I make to my website for the three years I've registered my domain for.

Oct 3, 2004: As I've thought of for some time, my website is now movin over to!
#1 Website move: To avoid the many limitations of Angelfire, I decided to get my own domain and a webhost as I've been seriously thinking about for a few days now. This means that I can show other things like videos and the such of my game's development and it's got quite high bandwidth, 30 times higher than what Angelfire allows, so all is going quite well. It may be a few days so I can change all the URLs from "" to "", but thankfully Wordpad's "replace" feature comes in very handy. Sure, the Angelfire website will still be up, but it's unlikely to be updated for probably 3 years as that's how long I've got my domain, about how long it'd take before the game I'm making is playable like a real game and has a story. Demos would be included, but, with angelfire, I can't upload demos and the such, but this new domain stuff, I can with little worries (except maybe if there was some serious bugs in the demo or with the web page [like broken links]).
#2 My script: Hasta la vista my script! Yep, I mailed the script on Oct 2, which costed a bit more shipping than I thought. It weighed 3 pounds 14.5 ounces costing $8.50 to mail. Yowsers! With the script out of the way, I'm now up to working on two things: game development and website enhancements. I also plan to upgrade the quality of the story board so that the images are 640x480 each. Fortunately, according to copyright, I don't have to reregister as the content is practically identical, just formatted differently.
#3 Game development: So far, the only thing done with my game's development was to enhance a few of the textures and improve the lighting. Though I don't understand it, setting gamma to the max makes the textures of their real color. The bowling alley needs serious reworking, mainly the lanes as it's way too cramped. Talk about claustrophobia!
#4 Website improvements: I just started on compiling a list of footnotes for the main index of footnotes. As before, the other content was going to be added. A recent idea is to have a complete update log of every update ever made (since the logging started).
#5 Video game secrets found in Bubsy 3D: I found a way to get up higher than what I could before. From before, you had to literally spend 7 seconds just falling to find out what the ground feels like. Now, I've found a way to add another half second to that. It's harder to accomplish, but it's easier to do so at an oblique angle rather than straight on. Know what I mean? The video game secrets thing, since I have so many, is very likely going to be a new category on my website. When I play video games, I don't just play through the story. At first, I play the game as someone normally would. Then, after that, I try to find challenges, often including ways to break the game (find big bad bugs). So far, I've compiled over 100 challenges with Sonic 3 and Knuckles, about 20-some bug reports and a lot of other things.

Sep 29, 2004: Now focused a lot on my game's development with the script set to the side, I'm just ready to mail the script to copyright and to the agency.
#1 My script: Hello, Post Office? Yep, I'll be headin' right over there and very soon, just as soon as the month on the calendar changes to October. Now, care to mail $15 worth of stuff? It's probably going to be around $7 just to ship my script to copyright and another $7 to agency. Copyright costs another $30 so that's about $45. Now, just how much paper is needed. Figure this out yourself: 324 pages for the main script (YOW!), 10 pages for the treatment (downloadable too! Requires MSWord (not MSWorks, MSWord), but Wordpad will do if you don't have it (formatting may be lost, however, there's hardly any formatting so little worries).), 1 title page, 5 pages for author's bio (which is actually much better than what I've got on my website, I should post that version here), 33 pages for the appendix (including 48 images), and 3 pages explaining the main characters (the so-called character sketch). Adding this up (if you hate math), it works out to 376 pages. Multiply that by two for two copies (one for the agency and another for copyright), that's an amazing 752 pages! That new printer sure is going to get a workout printing all that!
#2 Game development: Well, with some more help in scripting, I've got a speedometer in my game now. However, the speedometer is very random, random with the frame rate. It's of no concern right now, but will be later on. There's certainly a way to make it adjusted as if going 60 fps, I just haven't figured it out yet. I've redone the pyramids in the event area. Doing so made the build time take 2 minutes less than as if they were still there. Those pyramids now actually have a hole in the top, just as they're supposed to. Current plans are to create a player character, animate it, and assign an action to. This way, I'll set up the ability to jump, accelerate while walking (all things just as done in my mind game).
#3 Website improvements: The same plans from before are still in the ideas of high usefulness bin. The event path theory, the theory on UFOs, that one light experiment I had from version 3.x of my site, and finally, creating a single document that lists every single footnote used in my website and create a main index. I'm working out a way on organizing the footnotes so they're easy to find. Instead of *35* for noting footnote number 35, I'm thinking of something a bit longer like *SS13* to denote the Status System section, or *MG05* to denote something relating to my mind game. The order is random, basically done on a first-seen, first-written basis (and I thought it was first-come, first-serve). A big improvement would be having a more detailed bio, which means that much of the bio stuff is going to be rewritten, mostly to help organize dates more. The bio from my script will definitely get added as it's much easier to read, three times as organized, and sounds better and has some things not otherwise in my current bio (like my mind game's development and stuff like that).
#4 A new dream: I've had a new, fun, but a little scary at the end, type of dream. This one featured someone dressed up like the Indians of the 1800's with a few feathers and long hair in bands (unsure of term). This guy was very friendly and loved exploring. Even though it occured like 3 or so days before this update, it's still considerably in tact. Not just this new dream, but I can recall two more dreams I had, one inside a cave lined with bricks, and another one that I seemed to have forgotten again. I still have the idea of using Gamestudio to make 3D images of each dream. In fact, now I'm thinking of having those very dreams I've had in the game in which you can actually play around in them (including the mud dreams, but not all focused on those dreams). I've still got to edit it yet.

My script's progress ladder:

I'm rich!Yet to be done
Movie comes in theatersYet to be done
Movie production is finalizedYet to be done
Movie production finishesYet to be done
Movie production beginsYet to be done
Agent accepts scriptAlmost done; waiting for reply]
Mail script to agentDone!
Find an agentDone!
Finalize the scriptDone!
Edit the scriptDone!
Write the scriptDone!
Plan the eventsDone!

As you can see, I'm about half way to the top of the ladder.

Categories*: [Coming soon: I'll be adding category 10 which include other things, theories and hypotheses I've come up with, like what UFO's are, the newest event-path theory, as well as experiments, mostly stuff from version 3.x of my website. Also, new, is a glossary of every single term commonly used on my website, mainly what my mind game is, the Status System terms, and other things all in one and with little detail but a simple definition [or definitions in the case of some terms]]

If you'd like to see what I've got on my site at any moment without having to browse through each index, click on the new "expand all categories" button to see the complete layout with everything fully expanded including the individual pages within a report.

1 Tips and tricks - Contains 20 valuable tips and tricks that you may find of high use.
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3 Reports and essential documents - Contains the essential reports and documents [as well as some "unessential" ones].
4 About Me
5 Games index - Has some games that you can play for often no more than a dollar and can be played infinitely!
6 Stories - Contains a collection of stories I wrote including things about my script, The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters.
7 Ulillillia Site FAQ - The frequently asked questions and referalls that are pointless to make an individual report on.
8 My image collection - All the neat and detailed images I've made.
9 Previews of my game's development as events occur

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