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see also our Bibliography page for many important texts in various languages

Known Editions of the Typikon of Various Traditions


Archimandrite Ephrem (Lash) has translated numerous texts, which he makes available here, into English, including sections from the Athonite Dionysiou monastery

Dumbarton Oaks: Byzantine Monastic Foundation Documents

Over 60 original, founding typika from various major Greek monasteries - all in English

A number of articles on worship and prayer, with sections of the Russian Typikon translated - In English

Russian Typikon

Moscow, 1896 - in GIF format

About the Typikon

Schmemann - The Original Structure of Christian Worship

Chapter 2 of "Liturgical Theology"

St. John Maximovich

On the Typikon

The background for these pages is the opening page for a 17th century, Slavic Typikon, from the Chilandar Monastery.