`..*..* The Erebus Club `..*..*

Merriam-Webster defines Erebus as...
A place of darkness in the underworld on the way to Hades.

There were no flashy neon signs announcing the presence of the club, most people did not even know there was a night club in the area of town where the club was. The only tell-tale signs of the club was a non-descript small white sign that hung over the door. In dark crimson paint, on a glossy white background was the letters that spelled out the name of the club: The Erebus Club.

Large, metal double-doors greet you at the entrance of the non-descript club. One might mistake the front of the club for the meat packaging plant that it was years ago, but what lies behind those doors is anything but that... or is it? Through those doors, you are ushered down a narrow passage that is dimly lit by strands of glowing purple rope lights that caress the wall. Once at the end of that hall, you are greeted by the depths of the club inside.

From this vantage point one can peer into the belly of the club, the first thing one encounters is the numerous black leather couches and over-stuffed chairs, trimmed in a dark crimson hue, that are scattered about for seating in the club. There are a few private alcoves in the club, where a crushed red velvet curtain can be drawn for privacy, those are off to the left of the entrance of the club. A high priority to the patrons of the club and the staff is the security.

You also notice, that the walls are painted all black, no other color was present but crimson paint, so vibrant in hue that one might mistake it for blood, that seemed to be splashed hap-hazzardly, yet lightly, against the surface of the wall, and the trim that skirts the floorboards.

Set high, near the ceiling, were large ornate stained glass windows. The panes of these windows were done in brilliant colors, such as green, gold, blue and red. From the outside of the club, large metal shutters cover these windows during the day time, allowing no light whatsoever to enter the inside of the club.

Rotating ball lights are perched high in the corners and the center of the four walls of the club. The bulbs are clear, this allows their light to reflect against the panes of the stained glass windows, casting an eerie prism-like effect on the dance floor below. Medium-sized ball lights dangle from slender metal rods, attached to the high ceiling above, providing illumination for the club.

As you continue to move through the club, you come to the dual-sided bar that was located in the very heart of the club. Lining each side of the bar were metal stools, the cushions of these stools were a crushed red velvet, plush and rather comfortable to sit on. Four bartenders man the bar at all times, ensuring that the customers always have their fill of drinks. A bevy of waitresses are on staff at the club, they move throughout the seating area and around the bar to make sure that everyone is well taken care of.

One can find most anything that they desire on the menu at the Erebus Club, from steaks to the finest of alcohol, it is all made available and ready for the patrons that visit the club every night. -menu to come soon! -

Just beyond the bar, perhaps a few feet away, was the dance floor. Many nights it could be found full of patrons dancing away to either live music or music provided by the city's hippest Dee-Jays. A stage, large enough to hold a full band of musicians, was only steps away from the dance floor and in line with the bar in the center of the club. Flanking each side of the stage were Dee-Jay booths, set up with the best equipment that money could buy. On certain nights, the stage was also used by erotic dancers/strippers that come to entertain the guests of the club.

Returning to the narrow hallway that brought you to the inside of the club was a brief passage that went off toward the left, down that corridor was the bathrooms. Both men and women's bathrooms were set up just alike. Flickering fluorescent lights banked the ceiling. The walls set up in the same color scheme as the club, the only difference was that the stalls were a stark red color, the floor done in tiny mosaic tiles in the hue of white. Four stalls were in each bathroom, the mens bathroom did have urinals where the womens did not.

Most patrons of the club sneak off to the bathroom one time or another at least during their stay in the club. And they usually do not use the facilities as most do when they enter. It has been known that drug use runs rampant in the club, and they use the bathroom stalls to do their drug of choice. Some brave patrons have been known to use the stalls for their sexual romps.

Do you dare enter the Erebus Club? It is not for the faint of heart.
Please, come and join us, it will be an evening that you won't soon forget.

Meet the Owner

-Out of Character-
The concept for the club is an original design,
thought up by me, the mun.
I do hope that you have the imagination
to come up with a club of your own.