`..*..* The Erebus Club `..*..*

Let it be noted that the Erebus Club is highly protected by the latest of high-tech gadgets available to man. There is an intercom system wired throughout the entire club, allowing the employees to be in constant contact with one another. Intercom boxes can be located at the front and back entrance of the club as well. They are used during the daylight hours for deliveries and the like.

Security cameras protect the property in many locations. 2 at the front and back entrances of club, then other cameras are scattered about in random locations about the Erebus Club. From the offices to the bathrooms, to the VIP rooms/areas and the commons of the club, not a place is unseen inside or outside of the club. Just remember, someone is always watching what is going on.

A security room is set up in the depths of the club, its location is not disclosed to every single one of the employees. Only a select few know, those who work inside of the room and the Owner of the club, Sasha Etoile. Inside that security headquarters, there is a bank of monitors, one for each of the cameras that are in the club. A team watches them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The main entrances, which can be located at the front and the back of the club are well protected. They have been enabled with a series of heavy-duty, high-quality deadbolts for protection. And for added protection, each door is equipped with a police quality bracer bar that juts out from the floor and another one that slides across the door, securing it closed, preventing any from getting in and any from getting out.

With what few windows that are present in the clubs floorplans are covered with an extra thick steel shutter that allows not a single ray of light inside of the interior of the club. On top of that, there are a set of metal bars, preventing access to those shutters.

Smoke alarms, a high-tech sprinkler system, including a foam system have been installed inside of the club, throughout the whole club, ensuring that incase of a threat of fire, it should be taken care of and promptly. Well-concealed fire extinguishers are located throughout the club as well. And in an event of a fire during the daylight hours, there is a 90 decibel siren that will sound throughout the club and the apartments within.

Speaking of apartments, there is a series of apartment units/safe havens. They are located upstairs and downstairs in the basement below. 2 are located upstairs, including an office space for the owner of the club, while the other 4 are located in the depths below the club, ensuring extra added safety to those occupants. Each unit is furnished lavishly, the latest of electronics equipment fill them, from DVD players and televisions to stereos and computers. Phone lines and internet access are provided in the apartments as well. They are completely set up like a real apartment, with a full working kitchen, bathroom and either 1 to 2 bedrooms per unit.