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E.S.L. Protester Official Web Site


This site has been set up by a group of English teachers in Japan who are tired of being screwed over by their companies.

We would like to warn others who are looking for ESL teaching positions in Japan about the possible pitfalls of different companies.

If you are or have been an ESL teacher in Japan, and have been unjustly treated by your company, we invite you to contribute your story to our site.

Foreigners in Japan have little or no resources to be legally represented, and are vulnerable to unscrupulous policies and other actions that get brushed under the carpet.

Having no other choice, we have turned to the Web to let others hear our voice!

Important announcement:

The General Union is doing corporate research about Interac. If you have been paid late in the past or are being paid late now, please contact us at

Apologies to those who submitted stories by email.

I have clumsily lost them when my computer crashed. Please resubmit them using the new interactive Textgear. Thank You.


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