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-with apologies to Basil Faulty(witz).


These two symbols make me ashamed to belong to the human race. On the left is the architect of the disaster. On the right a victim of it. 

What is the difference between "Murder by Mullahs and Killing by the Willing"? NONE, They have all been murdered.

Prior to the commencement of Gulf War 11, I wrote to Defence Minister, The Hon Robert Hill, on 6 August 2002 and expressed concern at the possibility that, should we join the “coalition of the willing”, it would be totally unacceptable for the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) via Iraq, to be used to defend Israel - which is not even a member of ANZUS! - and as the war would be illegal in every sense of the word, members of the ADF could be open to charges of war crimes.

In his reply dated 24 October, 2002 The Hon Robert Hill wrote,

“The Australian Government is fully conscious of its responsibilities in committing troops to war and does not do so lightly. Our commitment of troops and other forms of support to the US-led coalition against terrorism in Afghanistan was completed in the context of a joint invocation with the US of Articles IV and V of the Australia, New Zealand and the United States (ANZUS) Treaty by which parties to the treaty agree to assist one another to counter an armed attack on their territory. Both the Prime Minister and the then Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Kim Beazley, agreed in Parliament on 17 September 2001 that the ANZUS Treaty had been properly invoked on this occasion.” End of quote.

      The ANZUS Treaty (Article IV)        

Each Party recognizes that an armed attack in the Pacific Area on any of the Parties would be dangerous to its own peace and safety and declares that it would act to meet the common danger in accordance with its constitutional processes.

 Any such armed attack and all measures taken as a result thereof shall be immediately reported to the Security Council of the United Nations. Such measures shall be terminated when the Security Council has taken the measures necessary to restore and maintain international peace and security.

The ANZUS Treaty (Article V)

For the purpose of Article IV, an armed attack on any of the Parties is deemed to include an armed attack on the metropolitan territory of any of the parties or on the island territories under its jurisdiction in the Pacific or on its armed forces. Public or aircraft in the Pacific. End of quote.

On 20/03/2003 the Australian government, with bi-partisan support, committed members of the ADF to join the Coalition of the ‘Killing” in a war which contravened each of the noble canons of the Geneva Convention, the ANZUS treaty and UN. Human Rights. The Australian Defence Forces (ADF) must be protected from outrageous political manipulation by Prime Minister John Howard and members of the Australian Parliament who have become puppets of a Cabal of Neo-conmen in Israeli occupied Washington .

This decision to go to war, was based on spurious propaganda (disseminated by spin doctors of pro-war political and religious persuasions), had nothing to do with Australia’s security - but everything to do with the protection of the  Zionist State of Israel from a reactive attack by its’ disparate, displaced and disenfranchised neighbours.


As an added “bonus” Israeli P.M. Ariel Sharon would be free to continue his ethnic cleansing of Palestine .  

 “The Australian” newspaper verified this fact (28/02/05) in quoting Yossi Melman, security and intelligence commentator with Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz viz "In the war in Iraq Australia 's SAS (together with the British and US special forces) was on a secret mission to defend Israel ". (Highlights added).

Significantly, Benjamin Netanyahu, Former Israeli Prime Minister (on Hannity & Colmes, Fox News 31/07/2002 referring to the planned attack on Iraq, “It is not an American timetable, it is an Israeli timetable”.  

Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831)

Military analyst Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) “In connection with the plan of a campaign .. we must at once draw a distinction between three things. They are the military power, the country, and the will of the enemy.” Iraq’s military power was decimated in 1991 followed by 12 years of aerial assault rendering it incapable of repelling the technological might of the West. For that reason the country was easy to occupy. The major blunder was underestimating the will of the enemy. In line with Winston Churchill’s doctrine: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Shia, Sunni, Al Queada et al, all united against the coalition. Two years after President Bush declared, “ Mission Accomplished” what has been achieved? Fifteen thousand GI's killed and injured and an "intractable quagmire".


Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst possibly form of government except all the rest”. Would it not be prudent, before imposing western “democracy” upon unwilling recipients, to ask them if they really wanted the benefits which we enjoy so much, such as: globalisation, Faux News, total monetary control, junk food, loss of family values, same sex marriage, drug barons in control, coke sniffing, hoon culture, binge drinking, endless violence on television, multi-nationals sending jobs overseas, unwanted treaties with the parasites in the IMF, World Bank and UN?


President Jimmy Carter, CIA Secret Wars, on SBS 15-11-03 “It is not the policy of our government to enter another country and try and determine who is to be their leader. This is contrary to the philosophy of our people. We tried it once in Vietnam and failed miserably.” Perhaps he should have mentioned this to George W Bush.

Gulags:-  Guantanamo Bay - Abu Ghraib - Bagram - Quena - Diego Garcia - Be'er Sheva - Hasheron

At no time has the Australian government, as part of the Coalition, or members of the Opposition disassociated themselves from the continued atrocities and war crimes committed in the Gulags at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and Bagram. How can we claim to be a genuinely compassionate democratic nation whilst condoning such acts? This is disgraceful case of double standards for a country which claims to be part of the Westminster constitutional system.

Just as despicable is the fact that it allowed two of its citizens to be illegally arrested in a foreign country, removed to a third country, then tortured before being transported to a US Gulag in Cuba. To add insult to injury, it allowed the same two Australian subjects to be further tortured and held for 2 years without being charged or given access to defence council.

Australia recently created its first political prisoner and the Australian Immigration is now being investigated over the illegal deportation of two Australian citizens. (2005).

ABC “ Four Corners ” program (23/03/05) reported that “Israeli Jews may be excused military service for religious reasons”. It seems significant, though, that many Israeli soldiers are diagnosed with battle trauma as a consequence of their brutal, inhuman, experiences within the illegally occupied Palestinian territories. But it appears politically expedient that the children of gentiles are now to be offered up as a sacrifice to defend a country that also includes torture and genocide to satisfy its acquisitively pious ends.

 On May 13, 2005 General Richard Meyers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that the US military was 16 per cent understaffed, and recruitment was the most difficult in US history. Perhaps Neo-conman Rummy Rumsfeld should start recruiting some of the sons and daughters of the gung ho, warmongering politicians. To my knowledge the only member of the US government to have a family member on active service is Senator Joe Biden.

Photo left:The author with the highly respected General Richard Meyers, USAF.      Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon. 

At the time Prime Minister John Howard sent Australia’s sons and daughters to fight the coalition of the willing’s foreign war he, patriotically sent his own son of military age to defend a desk at President Bush’s re-election campaign office.

A confidential 500 page report prepared annually by the Defence Personnel Executive and obtained by The Australian newspaper (23/05/2005) records abnormally high dissatisfaction rating in the three services. The navy 37 per cent, army 32 per cent and air force 24 per cent. This surely reflects on our government’s misuse of the Australian Defence Force which, after all, is for the defence of Australia.  A senior defence source said, “People join the defence force for the operations but there simply isn’t time between deployments and there hasn’t been really since September 11,” I have to ask, what has 9/11 got to do with it? However hard it is for some people to digest, 9/11 was, simply, a reaction to the US funding of Israel ’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine and was nothing whatever to do with Australia .

After the 9/11 attack and prior to the commencement of Gulf War 11 at a conference in Canberra on (29/05/02) I again expressed concern to Pentagon representative, Lieutenant Colonel Blumentritt, as to whether the U.S. President would be prepared to unreservedly research the root causes of ‘terrorism’ per se instead of unilaterally bombing virtually unarmed countries into the stone age. The general’s reply was not encouraging.

At a further in Canberra in May 2004), I questioned a leading Australian military analyst about “the disastrous situation in Iraq, the misuse of the ADF in the defence of Israel, the illegality of the war, and the leaked (formerly secret) CIA intelligence report which admitted the parlous state of the occupation strategies”.

He replied that he had attended a meeting in Washington the previous week and questions along those lines were raised by Donald Rumsfeld; text of the Canberra conference is due to be released soon.

Prime Minister John  Howard, like President George Bush, is greatly influenced by the Christian-Zionist movement (The World According to Bush, SBS 20/07/04). Due to Mr Howard’s utter subservience to the US/Zionist political agenda, (and it’s funding of Ariel Sharon’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine), every Australian in now a target for terrorism.

John Howard is the third and “junior” partner in the Axis of Evil who, along with Rupert “Dirty Digger” Murdoch and other members of the Zionist controlled western media, launched an oblique pre-planned Crusade against Islam

The first requirement was the creation of ‘Islamophobia’: - a Zionist manipulated media plot to create an artificial climate of hatred of Muslims by Christians. This was achieved with help from the Christian Zionist Movement consisting of; the extreme right wing, born again, bible bashing, pro-life, family first, Skull and Bones, Promised Land protagonists. With vocal misguided “Christians” on their side, the likes of Rupert “Dirty Digger” Murdoch’s Faux News had an easy ride. The Demonisation of Islam - another name for Xenophobia – was complete. A proven artifice for divide and rule.

How anyone can claim to be a pro-life Christian with family values then wage fourteen years of Deathocracy and the murder 400,000 Iraqi’s beats me, such is the power of the Zionist brain washing media.  

Guernica - Lidice - Oradour-sur-Glane - Shatila - Sabra -- Jenin - Fallujah. . . . . . 


Further aims of the Crusade is to establish a ring of US military bases around the Zionist state of Israel and obliterate any country which poses the slightest threat. The final aim is to establish a US/Zionist New World Order. Even more alarming is the proposed establishment of the "USS Australia" the world's largest "Aircraft Carrier" outside of the US. Asia, and especially China, must look upon the project with horror. Is this a pre-cursor to a nuclear war with China?

Anyone doubting the gung-ho policy of the Howard government and it’s sabre rattling should start building their nuclear fall-out shelters now. The following extracts from an article by Mark Dunn in the Brisbane Courier-Mail November 5, 2004 should be enough to convince the sceptics.

“The US will test new-generation weapons including smart bombs on Australian territory under an agreement being hammered out in Canberra and Washington . Some of the precision munitions will be tested in Queensland at Shoalwater Bay , already named as one of three sites for experiments in hi-tech warfare including mock attacks from US aircraft carriers.”

“Professor Babbage, who has just returned from US defence and Pentagon briefings, said the public was yet to be told the significance and benefit to Australian forces of the training. He said there would be experimentation with self-guided smart bombs and live or "dummy'' bombing raids into Australia from US aircraft carriers.”  

“Tens of millions of dollars would be spent upgrading Shoalwater Bay , near Rockhampton, as well as the Bradshaw training area and Delamere Air Weapons Range in the Northern Territory. Bradshaw would host extensive special operations, ground forces and surveillance training. A yet to be built Joint Combined Training Centre would link the Australian centres with US bases and the US Pacific War Fighting Centre in Hawaii to provide real-time battlefield assessments.”  

Shoalwater Bay will host Exercise Talisman Sabre in 2007. It will involve joint training of more than 20,000 troops with live bombing raids, amphibious landings, sea manoeuvres and simulations, "What I can see happening is rather more than what has been revealed,” Professor Babbage said.”  

“He said that the program would place Australia among the highest-priority training grounds for the US in the world. It would send a strong message throughout the region of US support for Australia. But he conceded that increased US-Australian Exercises would be a sensitive issue.” 

" When you put these things together and when you fast-forward five years, there is a significant evolution of Australia's ties with the Americans," “Professor Babbage said potential for US equipment being "pre-positioned" in Australia to stage deployments to hot spots in this part of the world remained on the table, but the initial agreements were restricted to training.”  

“There is no proposal to base any US combat units here . . . (however) they could stage through Australia if they needed to," he said. "What we are going to see is more exercises and a variety of exercises, I think it will be a significant advance but what will be significant is the quality.”  "This does not mean the Australian Defence Force has to commit to any future conflict.” Italics added. End of extracts.  

Is this the end of The Unipolar Moment?   Surprise! Surprise! …Australia is now awash with Chinese “spooks” and China now tops ASIO’s counter-espionage list.The Cold War has ended, get ready to start your engines for the Hot War.

 Economics of death.

The world’s leading Neo-conman, Paul Wolfowitz plunged the Middle East into chaos ensuring his mates in the Weapons of Mass De-ath-struction industry (See Raytheon, Halliburton, Kellogg Brown Root, Bechtel etc) would make profits beyond  their wildest dreams. The vast destruction caused will require squillions of dollars to repair and who better to lend them the money than the chairman of the World Bank... step forward Paul Wolfowitz. There is no profit in peace!

The motto of DDR President Erich Honicker & comrade Tony Blair was: 

"Vorwärts immer, rückwärts nimmer!”

John Howard's should be:

"Rückwärts immer, vorwärts nimmer!”


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