Through Silence Caught

Thunder passes through the sky. Rain drops down, as clouds they cry.
So warmly here the water flies. Amid us two, it gently lies.

Rain presses down upon my face. To the stillness of your silent grace.
You gently rise the lowly race. Defeat me in the passing race.

But I will stay through black and blue. I will help the sun pass through.
For someone loves the soul in you. And loves the place you bring him to.

The sun is passing overhead. Mixed with clouds a blood-like red.
You looked at me, turned and said. "This is the place where angels led."

The clouds are changing away from vile. They see the charm within your style.
The Earth and I, as one we smile. And you've been doing all the while.

As we stand a rainbow molds. The sun is shining bright and bold.
In my hair the water holds. The weather shaping our abode.

While drying off our silence caught. And through the calm our feelings fought.
And as we rest we think the thought. We've found the place we've always sought.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan