Count the days until they pass. Count them slowly and make them last.
Look across the vast blue sea. Look for you and look for me.
Hope upon a recurring dream. For all is there, a motionless stream.
Fall upon a hopeless grave. But fall too soon, you won't be saved.
Feel the feeling rise above. Flying as a dying dove.
Wish upon a life long goal. Lie within, a restless soul.
Cry beneath the earth below. Cry, yourself, so you will know.
Hope for something you never had. The dream of now will not be sad.
Dream and cry and wish the same. For all you love, to whom you blame.
Rest upon an endless tongue. Sing the song before it's sung.
Rise upon a shining face, a shine that only you replace.
Need a soul, but need for reason. A heartless should will die of treason.
Hate sometimes, but not for long. For the hate you feel might still grow strong.
Feel the pain of your endless past. But know the pain will never last.
Die within a state of glory. Die to end your life long story.
Find me hope each brand new day. The water drifting by the bay.
Dance with me and touch my face. Take me to my restless place.
Make me flowing as a stream. Make me reach my life long dream.
Help me see how much you care. A never ending binding pair.
I'm waiting now, but not for long. I'm singing before I've sung the song.

Copyright 2001 Joseph Michael Egan

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