The Poem of Poems

Count thy days until they pass.
Counting slowly to make them last.
Make thy words a valued tongue,
Sing the song before itís sung.

Ask The Lord to calm the sea.
For faith forms fact if thou believes.
Love a love before thy grave.
But love for lust thy love is vain.
Live thy life, though thou then young.
Sing the song before itís sung.

Love to live a life-long goal.
Lie within a restless soul.
Feel the feeling fly above.
Flying free from frequent love.
But need a soul, and need for reason.
Heartless souls will turn to treason.
-   Nearly no one knows whatís wise.
When words of wisdom wear their lies.
Make few the words that touch thy tongue,
Sing the song before itís sung.

Donít damn thy doubts to down-below.
Cry thy fears for God to know.
Fear thy fears. Donít fear for long.
For thy fears thou feel from fear form strong.
-   Touch the soul of thy endless past.
Knowing nightmares never last.
Feel thy rhythm touch thy tongue,
Sing the song before itís sung.

Die within the grace of glory.
Die, desist, deceased thy story.
But bearing best the ballads aim.
Surely I should state the same.
Be The First In What Is Done,
Sing The Song Before Itís Sung.

Copyright © January 3rd 2002 Joseph Michael Egan

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