If I Should Die

If I should die, read this poem.
Take my memory and keep it known.
And when you do, do not weep.
For I feel no pain and rest in peace.
If I should die, when I'm still young.
Life not complete and left undone.
Then, please know, that I'm up high.
For I see you and never cry.
If I should die, when I'm a man.
Don't forget the life I had.
Take my children, take my wife.
And keep them going throughout their life.
If I should die, when I'm still old.
Take my honor and keep it bold.
Know the day was soon to show.
When God calls me, I have to go.
I could die at any time.
So stay with me, so life may shine.
If you're the best that you can be.
No matter what you'll be with me.

Copyright 2000 Joseph Michael Egan