The entire world is falling down. And I can't seem to come around.
I am swimming and I know I'll drown. I am lost and can't be found.
My feelings now are suicidal. Feelings troubled, never idol.
My hopes are slipping everyday. My trust is shattered soon to fade.
Of every hateful thing I say, I pray that they were never made.
Maybe life will soon amend, but truly life cannot pretend.
For as I sit and write this line. As I think of what to rhyme.
My life is driving out of track, my life is gone and won't come back.
And as it seems my life remains, twisted, bent and not the same.
for as I make my life sustain. All that's lost in all my pain.
I look to see someone to blame. There's no one here to call by name.
I wish to God that I could choose, all there is I have to lose.
Just as clouds have past the sun, we make two that once was one.
Soon we turn to something new, making one more "me and you".
Life will wander life will pass, life keeps growing, as does grass.
And as your life has come around. Mine keeps falling down and down.
you hear hope and I no sound. You see light and I the ground.
Maybe life will come around, but now the only course is down.
And as it is your life remains, blissful, new, but not the same.

Copyright 2000 Joseph Michael Egan